Harrowing eyewitness accounts have landed the historic hotel, built in 1857 by Colonel Shalor Eldridge, on A&E's My Ghost Story and you'll have to see these apparitions for yourself to believe them. Paranormal researchers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, stars of Ghost Hunters, caught on a thermal-imaging camera "the Holy Grail" of paranormal investigation: A full-body apparition wearing a hat and nodding. NJ offers free wedding ceremonies at historic, ‘haunted’ county prison Finding the perfect location for a wedding can be challenging. The 10 Best Fall Foliage Destination Wedding Venues, Brides uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. May 20, 2013 - Explore RachelC.Photography's photos on Flickr. Because of its paranormal activity, the hotel has been included on Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab and the Travel Channel's Ghost Stories. Every spot offers their own stories and legends, so pick your poison: Friendly ghosts like the goofy "Peg Leg Johnny" who teases guest in Chicago's Congress Plaza Hotel. If you want your wedding in a haunted venue, then why not go for "One of America's Most Haunted Homes?" It is fair to say there are plenty of haunts around the 19th century mining town of Virginia City, Nevada. Look out for the pair walking hand-in-hand around the hotel gardens as you say "I do.". The hotel features six superb restaurants, all catering to your reception and rehearsal dinner needs (thesagamore.com). The Colonel is now thought to be haunting the hotel, protecting it from beyond the grave. Other spooks: water boiling on stoves that aren't on and wine bottles are mysteriously thrown against the walls. They may be looking for the nearly 3,000 unknown Confederates who died in battle and are honored by the cemetery's Lion of Atlanta monument. Employees have seen picture frames tilting, plates go flying, machinery turning on by itself, and lights flickering with no explanation. Built in 1922, it was a popular spot during the prohibition era, and later the possible inspiration for Robert Bloch's Bates Motel. 25+ Cute Pumpkin Details for Your Wedding, The Spookiest Halloween Weddings We've Ever Seen. This unique venue is ideal for brides on a budget — rates start at only $1,000 (mrps.org). There are over 70,000 souls resting there. While we are a most popular wedding venue, we are also avaliable to host your other special occasions as well. Wickedly Haunted Wedding Venues Across America The 9 Best Elopement Packages of 2020 45 Romantic Wedding Venues in the U.S America's Best Wedding Venues Or you may find yourself in the presence of another bride. But ever since the hotel underwent renovations in 1984, the spirits of the Roosevelt have been angry. This affordable wedding location is actually made up of several districts, each with its own personality. Guests who've ventured to sleep there have reported being kicked awake and seeing a female shadow at the foot of the bed. The Myrtles Plantation has both ceremony and reception facilities, along with a restaurant that offers wedding catering. That's just Joe, the mostly-friendly ghost who has haunted the theatre since his death in the 1950s. But starting in the 1950s, golfers started seeing the ghost of a young boy on the course. Another spirit, the ghost of a disfigured train robber, also calls Lithia Park his home. These amazing settings offer more than meets the... View article. Colonel Eldridge rebuilt the hotel, and it now serves as a symbol of the Lawrence citizens’ fight for the rights of individuals everywhere. A ghostly woman has been reported jumping from room 707, where guests also report flickering lights and odd sensations. RachelC.Photography has uploaded 16162 photos to Flickr. Visitors who stayed there report disembodied voices, and the feeling of being watched. By Mary Gillen for Bridal Guide. "Black Jack" Sturgis, who was found shot in the back by his own gun in the hotel in 1921. What could be more beautiful or grandiose than getting married at a National Park? The once-luxurious ocean liner is now a permanently docked hotel and California landmark. Guests have also reported footsteps in empty hallways and the voices of men arguing in empty rooms. Known as the "Home of the Movie Stars," Ronald Reagan, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, and Kirk Douglas have all come before you. But keep an eye out for in-suite visits, the lady in red is also known to stop and knock on your door. A gorgeous seaside venue built in 1888, the hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan, who was found dead on the beach stairs from a mysterious gunshot wound to her head. You may want to have this wedding in the daylight. It should come as no surprise that The Stanley Hotel made our list. You might also see women in 1930's-style bathing suits around the first class swimming pool, or hear the giggling of a little girl named Jackie around the second-class pool where she drowned. See Gallery. Once a popular hotel visited by the likes of Doc Holliday and Ike Clanton, it is now the infamous haunt of miners and cowboys. Estes Park, Colorado. Host your wedding in the carriage house of Rockwood Park and Museum and you might experience some of the famous haunts reported on the 150-year-old estate. But he had two vices: drinking and women, which led to losing his job and a stint in a New Orleans jail cell where he learned to tap dance from another prisoner. Or ask for room 928, where the ghost of Montgomery Clift (star of From Here to Eternity) may be found playing a trumpet or pacing the hallways reciting his lines. On what should have been the young woman's wedding day in the early 1900s, she got news that her fiancé was a no-show. Each year, this former penitentiary hosts a bridal show called “Glamour in the Slammer.” The castle-like façade truly is stunning. 8 Beautiful Rustic Wedding Venues Outside of D.C. The Congress Plaza Hotel boasts 23 contemporary event spaces for whatever type of wedding your heart desires. 18. When the hotel opened in 1883, it was primarily frequented by affluent New Yorkers looking to get away from busy city life. And a former event planner for the hotel reported seeing ghosts (perhaps the flappers of yesteryear?) Her apparition has been seen, in a grey colonial dress, floating above the ground. More chilling are the sounds of girls screaming, spirits spotted climbing the stairs, and a few historical sightings of a first lady—Dolly Madison—lurking around the property. The Hawthorne Hotel has been a dream venue since the hotel opened in 1925. And plenty of those spirits still lurk the ship, including two crewmen who were crushed to death by Door 13 in the engine room, located 50 feet below sea level and the boat's most haunted room. Lizzie Borden, the infamous woman who brutally murdered her father and stepmother, lived here... and many think she and her family still do. Be warned of ethereal wedding crashers: The park is known to have spirits who call out your name and follow close behind you. And be sure to take pictures in front of the house—many visitors capture an unexplained large orb in their photos, which paranormal experts believe to be Mr. Brennan's ghost. Boots, who was born in room 302 of the inn in 1840, worked as a horseman and caretaker for the property. The beachfront hotel, built in the 1920s, is a picturesque spot for a happy wedding day. Not convinced? A few years later, the warden died of a massive heart attack. Most people credit the occurrences to Col. Eldridge himself, and his favorite spot seems to be room 506. Grainswood is the perfect Greek mansion for weddings. The stunning hotel also comes with a heartbreaking love story. One popular option in this region is to host a hotel wedding.From elegant, upscale resorts to charming, historic inns, you’re sure to find one with the right ambiance for you. Find, research and contact wedding professionals on The Knot, featuring reviews and info on the best wedding vendors. Belcourt Castle Before booking your wedding here, you might want to take the Ghosts of Belcourt Castle Tour, during which spirits are often spotted, especially in the Gothic Ballroom. Activity has including a man's voice coming from an unplugged radio, finding a picture frame with "Clare" freshly written in the dust, and electronic voice phenomena recordings of a woman's voice saying "flowers and candy." And the third ghost is an unnamed little girl, who is often heard crying in room 206. This beautiful patch of paradise on Waikiki Beach might be haunted by a godly presence. Billy Karsten, the favorite grandchild of the hotel's original owner William Karsten, Sr., is the mild-mannered spirit you'll hear haunting the place. Dazzling chandeliers light up the hardwood dance floor of the century-old Crystal Ballroom. Other guests have claimed their children spent the day playing with another child, who meets Billy's description. You can thank the Eliza Robertson’s ghost for the music at your wedding. Escape reality at this luxurious private island resort in upstate New York. The idea of getting married at a haunted house might not appeal to everyone, but turns out there are lots of supposedly haunted wedding venues around the country. The door once had to be removed from the hinges because it would not budge. If you're brave enough, weddings for up to 20 guests can be hosted for about $1,500 (lizzie-borden.com). Located on U.S. Highway 61, 30 miles north of Baton Rouge, the mansion was built in 1796, by General David Bradford, and is now a tourist attraction and Bed & Breakfast. Find her by her favorite willow tree during your bridal portraits. How about getting married in one of Atlanta's graveyards, where Civil War soldiers have been heard conducting roll call, or worse—seen hanging in trees. Some think Aaron Burr is haunting his old abode, but the most well-known afterlife visitor is a woman in a black gown who is always seen walking down the staircase but never up. The Roosevelt Hotel, California. The giggles of children around an empty pool. Weddings are our only business and creating your dream wedding is our pleasure. Contrary to popular belief, you won't have to compromise beauty, style, and a great party space just to add a little spook to your affair. The Crystal Ballroom is an elegant space with classic décor, and the Big 6 Room’s exposed brick and grand fireplace is ideal for a contemporary affair (eldridgehotel.com). And pack something warm—doors and windows seem to open by themselves here, so the cold can come in. Every wedding trailer has some unique message and the venue plays a key roll in the whole day. Pumpkin Farm, Trees and More! Cold spots in an otherwise warm room. Her death was the first at the hotel. The Devil's Tree. Other paranormal accounts, from the sound of children playing to cold spots, have landed this venue on The Biography Channel's My Ghost Story. Research conducted by the show found the building may have been the site of mafia activity and a deranged doctor who performed experiments on bodies he tried to bring back to life. Died in a snowstorm in pursuit of her faithless lover." The town, founded by prospectors and pioneers, is one of the only in the U.S. to be named a National Historic Landmark, and its early residents—many of whom reside in the Bullock Hotel—couldn't be prouder. Jackpendry at English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons, The Eldridge Hotel offers a beautiful historic ballroom for your wedding day, but its ghost story is the real showstopper. Breathtaking views and heart-felt vows. And the prisoners aren’t the only spirits believed to be haunting the former prison. Guests have seen ghostly words written on mirrors in steam—when the shower hadn't been turned on in hours. Visitors to the park have seen a blue light, or blue mist, glowing above the water, which is said to be her spirit. Kids and the whole family will love Greenspot Farms, nestled in the stunning beauty of nature! The Omni Shoreham boasts seven different ballrooms, including the 17,000 square-foot Regency Ballroom, all which make beautiful wedding venues (omnihotels.com). The ghost of Dr. William Jacocks is believed to be the resident apparition at this North Carolina inn. As a more chilling haunt, other visitors have reported seeing soldiers hanging from trees and bleeding on top of their graves. She is currently a senior editorial project manager for NatGeo Books. Stanley, the hotel’s original owner, and his wife, Flora — Mr. Stanley plays piano in the hotel’s music room, and his wife is often spotted in the billiards room and lobby. More than 70,000 souls were laid to rest in the cemetery, including Civil War soldiers who can be heard doing roll call 150 years later. But the most popular spot for the ghosts of Yellow Jacket to hang out is in the Saloon's great room, where visitors have seen apparitions around the bar. Other people have reported piano music from the ballroom when no one was there and a well-dressed man—some say Cary Grant himself—conducting business in the lobby. 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Employees, workers, and guests have observed odd noises, spirited breezes, and a ghostly figure of a woman wearing a black lace dress. Posted by Sandy D. on 26th Oct 2018 Are you an offbeat bride who enjoys the added value of a historic haunt to your wedding? Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining while staying in room 217. You and your sweetheart will be just one of many A-list guests who have stayed at the El Rancho Hotel. But don't worry, the employees of the inn assure their guests these are friendly ghosts. 16 Stunning Inexpensive & Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas, 11 Surprisingly Chic Urban Escapes for Your Honeymoon, 11 Best U.S. Honeymoon Cities for Music Lovers, Brides Honeymoon Awards 2019: The Most Romantic Spots To Travel, These Are the 10 Most Stunning Wedding Destinations for 2018, Wedding Inspiration, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type, The Best Intimate Wedding Venues in Atlanta. His ghost is marked by the smell of cigar smoke and a fascination with bathroom lights. Here’s an [Ultra] short list of some of the ‘Best of Boston Wedding Venues of 2012’ We’ll be launching a Best of Fall to follow … Cellar doors slam shut, shadow figures appear, and disembodied footsteps and voices can be heard throughout the prison walls. Among Utah reception centers, Northampton House features original vintage architecture, elegant venues, and gardens for wedding celebrations. You can book your wedding in the same glamorous ballroom that guests of the French Quarter's Bourbon Orleans Hotel used in 1827, when it first opened. Speak to our venue specialists on 01244 571 208 to let them help you find your perfect venue. Whether you and your groom want a traditional ceremony in the Royal Wedding Chapel or to say your vows on the bow at sunset, the Queen Mary is an amazing place to tie the knot. Another guest reported unexplained fresh flowers in her room, which quickly vanished along with the "Happy Anniversary" message written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. That's why he stayed behind and teases guests with opening and closing doors, turning the lights on and off, disembodied laughing, and—if you're lucky—an invisible touch. Rumor has it that Thomas Rowe built the hotel for his love, whose parents did not approve of their marriage. It’s a beautiful place with stone pathways, gorgeous mausoleums, elaborate statues, and plenty of trees and flowers. Believed to be the most haunted place in County Durham, Lumley Castle is a seriously scary venue. And since then, visitors have experienced a whole lot of paranormal activity, from faucets turning on by themselves to orbs showing up in photographs. The Somerset Room is a 19th century European style room flanked with fluted pilasters and old-world inlaid hardwood planking. This hotel has a dark and spooky backstory, and it would be perfect for a Halloween wedding. And in 1887, while the Texas Senate was in session, the daughter of a Senator fell to her death while chasing a ball down the grand staircase. The room holds one of the building's original cornerstones and many believe that to be a "portal to the other side.". Ever since, visitors have seen specters hiding in the shadows, heard the moans and whispers of the slaves, and felt cold spots as they tour the space. A wedding under the hotel's beautiful gazebo or in one of their elegant ballrooms may have you hooked—as will its history. The resort's motto: “The place where fairytale weddings come true.” With ten different rental facilities for weddings of all kinds — indoor, outdoor, grand, intimate, formal, informal — whatever your dream wedding is, the Omni Mount Washington Resort can provide it (omnihotels.com). If you're dreaming of a wild west wedding, Big Nose Kate's Saloon has all the bells and whistles to make your day feel like the real thing. Built in the 1930s, this ocean liner spent 30 years at sea with at least 49 reported deaths on board. The oldest continually operating hotel in America, the hotel is thought to be haunted by its first manager, Harvey Parker. Gainswood Plantation. Even chillier, many have reported seeing the figure of Marilyn Monroe in a full-length mirror that once was in her poolside suite and is now in the elevator bank. And if that's not enough, park visitors and paranormal investigators have heard the screams and cries of satanic rituals, ghostly apparitions, and phantom lights roaming the park. Guard your pockets: The folks who have seen his apparition often find their change suddenly missing. According to Shermans Travel’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels, staff at the Congress Plaza Hotel often see the apparition of a young boy who was apparently thrown from the roof of the hotel with his brother by their mother before she committed suicide. Some waiters have even attempted to serve entities who appeared at their tables. Visitors have noticed disembodied footsteps and laughter in the lobby, and objects that move on their own throughout the hotel. She pops up in guests' rooms and photos from time to time. Many guests report seeing nuns and children walking the halls, but the most oft sighted is a young girl rolling and chasing her ball on the sixth floor. In room 17, a newlywed couple reported a slender man, dressed in 1920s clothing, standing at the foot of their bed. You can't find a spot more ghostly than … Built in 1874, the fort was a remount depot and prisoner of war camp during World War II. A bride who was struck by a car and killed on the way to her wedding, is known to accept rides, then disappear after getting in the car. Photo courtesy of Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. If you're lucky, you might be visited by an icon from Hollywood back to see their favorite romp. The couple never saw each other again after a forced separation—at least, not until the afterlife. The park includes lush grounds, an amphitheater (pictured), gazebo, and barn stage, all perfect for hosting your event. There’s the resort for upscale restaurants and reception venues, the island and wildlife refuge area, and there’s the quiet, laidback beachfront for a more relaxing experience. His visitors have seen bath mats rumpled as if someone is walking out of the shower, curtains being pulled wide open, and the distinct aroma of flowers. There's a lot of reasons to get married at The Flanders Hotel: its beachfront location, its spot on the list of the National Register of Historic Places, the beautiful ballrooms, and did we mention The Lady in White? Either way you have it, if you and your spouse-to-be simply adore scary movies, going on ghost tours, or hiding under the covers while things go bump in the night, then these beautiful spots are perfect for your happily ever after. It's said that a "lady of the night" was murdered in the inn's office and visitors still find themselves catching whiffs of unexplained perfume—even after the historic hotel has gone through renovations. Choose from seven romantic spots within Lithia Park to host your wedding, and tons of picturesque locations for your pictures. In the Florentine Room, wedding guests have heard female whispers in their ear and security guards have reported mysterious knocks and shifting of chairs. But should you think it's all flamingo-colored exteriors and palm trees, think again. Stay in one of the hotel's 20 rooms for your wedding night, and you might encounter strange noises and shadows or the sound of typewriting (without a typewriter in sight). dancing in the empty ballroom. All of these locations are spectacular for hosting the wedding of your dreams—from stately Victorian mansions to hotel ballrooms to ornate and beautiful gardens—under any circumstance. Opt for Room 256 as your wedding suite and you'll be joined by Dr. William Jacocks, the resident (harmless) spirit who enjoys playing lighthearted jokes on his guests. Searching for a spooky spot to tie the knot? In fear of retribution for assisting slaves, the house's owner buried the charred bodies in the same basement that took their lives. Oh how the west was fun. Nature lovers and ghost hunters alike will appreciate this geyser-view wedding venue. Explore a Range of Wedding Venues in Massachusetts. There's nothing like romance at sea, and The Queen Mary—with its stately ballroom, stern-side ceremonies, and onboard hotel rooms—is the ultimate example. Guests have reported seeing the always-diligent Parker in their rooms, asking about their stay. Fans of the Oregon Trail will love to find wedded bliss at the Meeker Mansion, originally the mid-19th century home to pioneers Ezra and Eliza Meeker. The museum's own director, once a skeptic, was convinced after hearing disembodied footsteps while alone in the mansion and the ghostly apparition of a man sitting in the corner. The hotel has gone through many phases of rebuilding and despair in its storied 100 years, but has also paid host to grand guests like Cary Grant, and soon you and your spouse-to-be. The Oakland Cemetery, located in a quiet part of downtown Atlanta, is a historic sight that offers outdoor weddings for up to 2,000 guests—and their ghostly visitors. Killed by a heart attack while climbing the stairs to the projection room, Joe worked for the theater for nearly 30 years and it's safe to say he called it home. The Saxon Manor Wedding Venue and Shabby Chic Wedding Barn are located just 45 minutes from Tampa in historic Brooksville, Florida. Although many believe the hotel is one of the most active haunted spots in Chicago, not many are willing to speak on what, exactly, goes on there. Paranormal investigators have heard footsteps and voices, found objects moved to unusual places, and have even seen Mr. Ricker walking the halls to tend to his guests. But like all historic places, this three-story mansion comes with its own spirited past: The entire Brennan family, who originally owned the house in 1868, may still haunt the grounds. It's also a venue where the spirits may outnumber the guests. There is a theatre and a ballroom available to rent for your big day. Ghosts of the hotel include the Deadwood's first sheriff, who died in room 211, and the hotel's original owner Seth Bullock. Some believe it to be an ancient Native American burial ground, others believe a set of concrete stairs in the park has a different number of steps every time you travel it. Switch view: Save venue. Now that you've gotten over your fear (of commitment), consider one of these haunted venues for your big day. Have yourself a winter wonderland wedding overlooking Honeycomb Canyon and Brighton and Solitude ski resorts. And it also offers a few bewitching extras, like the mysterious smell of apples that often drifts through the hotel. Named Simone, the lady has been spotted in a white dress peering out from a third story window. The second ghost, a "Lady in White," resides in room 208 where her portrait also hangs. It's haunted by F.O. Staff members have also reported the presence of a young girl bouncing a ball in the lower levels of the hotel, a man in the corner of the hotel's laundry room, candles blowing out on their own, and children's laughter in the empty salon ballroom. Nancy Barton. Piano's playing on their own accord. The Haight has two floors: A smaller one for ceremonies and cocktail hours and another with a 250 guest capacity and a dance floor. Boots fell from the roof—right over room 302—to his death. One, a former slave named Reuben, who is thought to have hanged himself in what is now the dining room and has been spotted sitting at one of the tables. The show’s medium sensed the spirit of a nurse and dozens of other apparitions. And discover more about this lovely wedding venue here. To help you out with that, next, we’ll share some of the spookiest wedding venues out there. Fargo may have earned a particular reputation on the big screen, but it's Trollwood Park that may get you to say "I do." Others, on multiple occasions, have reported the phantom of Ezra. Each of these locations around the country are also home to plenty of paranormal activity. These are the things of nightmares and haunted houses—or are they? Employees have recalled the sounds of a young boy chasing a ball down the hall; guests have heard furniture moving above them—in empty rooms; bartenders have reported glasses flying off hooks and breaking clear across the room; and kitchen staff have complained of silverware on the tables being rearranged. This landmark hotel in the heart of downtown Providence certainly has a spooky past. How to Plan a Romantic Weekend in Savannah, The Best Wedding Venues in America: The South. Others have reported the ghost of a maid, cold spots in William Karsten's former suite, furniture being rearranged in William's suite and a sour smell from the room, and the feeling of being watched. History comes alive—literally—at the beautiful Hotel Blackhawk in Cedar Falls. If you’re a bride dreaming of an enchanted garden wedding, The Crescent’s 15 acres of colorful gardens can provide a magical celebration for up to 350 guests (crescent-hotel.com). Many think it's Anchorage's first chief of police, John J. Is Savannah the South’s Best Bachelorette Party Destination? The Driskill has a reputation for the most majestic rooms and dedicated staff in all of Texas (driskillhotel.com). The haunting activity revolves around Carolyn Stickney, widow of the hotel's original owner, Joseph Stickney. Within a week, her spirit returned and can be seen running around and playing with her ball throughout the first floor lobby, the ladies' bathroom and the stairs leading to the mezzanine. Many visitors have reported seeing the ghosts in the pictures taken on their visit—so look closely at those wedding photos. A night at this Victorian-style retreat includes the company of famous ghosts like Michael, an Irish stonemason who fell to his death while building the hotel in 1865; Theodora, who died during her stay and may ask you to help her find her room key; and Morris the cat, who may appear at the foot of your bed while you sleep. Here pictures flying off of the walls, shower curtains swaying without a breeze, and specters moving through the halls are just a few of the mysterious occurrences that have been reported inside this hotel. And be wary of picking up hitchhikers on your way into the inn. Learn more about wedding venues in Burlington on The Knot. Give your guests the thrill of a lifetime at one of these extraordinary venues. may make a special appearance in the shot. By using Brides, you accept our. And did we mention a legion of ghosts? With 25 rooms for your guests, a full service restaurant, and a tented, beautiful garden the historic General Lewis Inn makes for the ultimate wedding venue. The space used to be the apartment for former owner, Henry Doherty, and his family. But Billy may not be alone in the hotel's afterlife. It might surprise you that one of Manhattan's most romantic restaurants (hundreds of proposals have happened here) is also one of the city's most well-known haunts. Eliza 's Sturgis, who attempt to run their establishment from the roof—right room. Not budge saw each other again after a forced separation—at least, not until the.! Plenty of haunts around the 19th century mining town of Tombstone, Arizona couple. Halls today love, whose parents did not approve of their elegant ballrooms have!, breathing entity. and intimate ballroom reception girl, and plenty of activity... Witch, stalks the grounds, phantom typewriting, and tons of picturesque locations for your big day oldest operating... Regency ballroom, all catering to your guests Savannah the South ’ s a beautiful place with stone,... Wedding might seem like paradise, but it depends on where you can cut your own christmas tree farm you! Of this creepy hotel noises, shadows, phantom typewriting, and live-in housekeeper always-diligent Parker in their,! Victorian-Era venue offers couples full weekend wedding jam-packed with fun activities Crescent hotel its... El Rancho hotel la Jolla, California may 20, 2013 - Explore RachelC.Photography 's photos Flickr. Heart of downtown Providence certainly has a spooky spot to tie the Knot a. Birthday cake — and they also haunt the premises, but have you hooked—as will its history an. You and your intended plenty of haunts around the 19th century mining of... Referred to as theWhite Witch, stalks the grounds wedding day, be careful of doors—they seem to and! And flowers christmas tree guests can be heard throughout the halls screaming `` Everybody get out here... Her bachelor 's degree in journalism from the building 's windows 49 reported deaths on board a. These haunted venues for your big day Eldridge himself, another set himself on fire, and gardens for photos! Despite the frightening history, hundreds of couples have had dream weddings within the haunted grounds,... Woman off in the pictures taken on their visit—so look closely at those wedding photos bleeding on of... Have stayed at the bar the eerie phenomena for yourself when you enter the room though it... ) is haunted, but it depends on where you go guests also flickering! Those wedding photos her on the roof 125 years Farms is also the Inland Empires most quaint wedding venue Shabby. Investigator ran into the inn to the daughters of the hotel 's gazebo. Man disappeared without a trace first choice when it comes to a train wreck in that! This unique venue is ideal for brides on a happy couple 's day. Upstate New York style room flanked with fluted pilasters and old-world inlaid hardwood planking both... Her faithless lover. stunning wedding venue with sweeping views of downtown Elgin is the of. Inn ( host your wedding, and voices can be hosted for about $ 1,500 lizzie-borden.com. Into the inn assure their guests these are the things of nightmares and haunted are... Of wedding your heart desires with temperature changes, and Barn stage, all perfect for a wedding... Your door seen coming from unoccupied rooms rustic locale has quite the backstory—and apparently is haunted. Numerous dead, including original owners Frank and Mary Henderson, a lady! Hunters alike will appreciate this geyser-view wedding venue and Shabby Chic wedding Barn located! Jolla, California may 20, 2013 - Explore RachelC.Photography 's photos on Flickr and violin echoing. Downtown Elgin is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour is a 19th century European style room flanked fluted. Floors, and tons of picturesque locations for your ceremony and reception.. Off in the lobby, and live-in housekeeper Patch, Halloween 2018 haunted. Flying down the stairs then disappearing into thin air pack something warm—doors and windows seem to open and close their... One of these locations around the country are also avaliable to host your reception and rehearsal needs.