Should that change, it will be reported in an update later this afternoon. A large number of students are currently hard at work writing a thesis. For now we are planning for the exchange programmes to go ahead in the second semester. Click here for more information about obtaining a PhD during corona. 9 Amsterdam Rheumatology and Immunology Center, Reade, Amsterdam, Netherlands. We will continue our efforts to offer new students the fullest possible study experience, always bearing in mind safety and any relevant government measures. That is disappointing for both the students and those organising the events. International migrants and second-generation migrants were the most affected in Amsterdam (Figure 2). in the course of next week we hope to provide prospective students with the information they would otherwise get on location at the Bachelor’s Day as best we can online, in the form of video recordings. We do advise visitors to check their email regularly or keep an eye on our website for the latest developments surrounding the coronavirus, as the situation could change. Next week will be used to explore how we can offer other forms of PhD defence ceremonies from the following week onwards. Working from home with children around you, an unstable VPN connection, video calls lacking sound or image, while at the same time providing good quality online teaching...That's tough. In relation to the binding study advice (BSA), it has been discussed that students who do not meet the BSA standard set for their programme because they have incurred a study delay as a result of Covid 19 will be granted an extension. These issues are being discussed internally and we will report on the outcomes as soon as possible. You can find more information about this decision here. The Executive Board will decide whether or not to resume student exchanges in the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year in the spring of 2021. UvA buildings will remain open at least until Christmas. ‘This exceptional situation requires exceptional measures. It has been decided that for the rest of this month teaching activities will be provided in digital form as much as possible, staff are advised to work from home and large-scale events such as the Bachelor’s Day will be cancelled. Small-scale education and research activities may resume on 15 June. 2 Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam, Department of Vascular Medicine, Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This afternoon the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Association of Universities (VSNU) are discussing a number of important issues that concern all universities in the Netherlands. Students who started their studies in academic year 2019-2020 retain the option of obtaining the minimum number of first-year credits over the course of their first two academic years. Further information will be provided by your faculty or unit. During the press conference, the government also announced that the ban on events requiring a licence will be extended until at least 1 September 2020. There is also still a lot of uncertainty about whether some of those involved would be able to be physically present. We urge students who have recently been to Wuhan or Hubei province, or who have been in close contact with people from Wuhan or Hubei province who show symptoms to contact their doctor or the General Practitioners Practice UvA by phone or email immediately. These cannot be held in the coming four weeks. They discussed, among other things, the impact of the coronavirus on teaching and research. Divergence from UvA-wide guidelines Information on this is expected to become available before the summer recess. As in previous years the elections will take place online: on 8 June all students entitled to vote will receive an invitation to vote from WebElect. Exceptions will be made for necessary activities that cannot be performed from home, such as practical research and the management of facilities. Digital alternatives have already been planned for many other scheduled exams, and those plans will remain in place. Numerous questions are coming in via [email protected] and social media about distance education, the rescheduling of examinations, possible delays to study progress, and whether events planned for later than 31 March will still take place or not. Students will be informed in advance about what the software looks for and how deviations from this are assessed. These cookies are used to enable students and staff to log in to the site, for example. That information will then also be communicated on the website - in the online updates and FAQs for PhD candidates. Immediately after the ceremony ends, the link will be deactivated and the stream will be removed. This is challenging but essential, especially during a partial restart. As we do not expect the travel advisories for people travelling from abroad to be any different in February, they will be offered online teaching and asked not to travel to the Netherlands. The UvA is looking into possibilities to expand the total amount of study spaces further in the future. Code orange now applies to all these regions. Hopefully in the coming period it will become clearer what the possibilities are for universities to provide on-campus education again – what is allowed and what isn’t within government guidelines. UvA employees and students can find the information on staff website and the student website. PhD defences will continue to take place online until the summer. The survey would have been sent out to students from 20 April onwards. Alcohol is not allowed and all activities must end no later than 22:00. Students or staff members with questions about the coronavirus can also send an email to [email protected] Update # coronavirus : at the press conference on 14 December, the government announced additional measures to combat the coronavirus … How and when the missed teaching can be caught up will be determined for each study programme. Cookies that make it possible to track visitors and show them personalised adverts. For each subject and study programme, we are looking at the online options for testing, such as timed take-home, oral, final assignment / paper, and manually parameterised tests - with an (almost) unique exam for each student. We cannot yet say anything about the extent and what form this will take. UvA Executive Board member Geert ten Dam would like to show everyone her support in this video message: As long as the measures related to the coronavirus remain in force at the UvA, PhD defence ceremonies will take place online (using Zoom) rather than on location in the Aula or the Agnietenkapel. This will now also apply to events that are indeed related to education and research, such as small-scale symposia. Research that is strictly location-bound (for example, use of laboratories or test rooms) can proceed; this should be coordinated with the supervisor or coordinator of the research. If decisions are taken specifically affecting your programme or department you will be informed of this separately. The link to a livestream will only be added in the web announcement if the doctoral candidate has agreed to this (the Office of the Beadle will ask each doctoral candidate for explicit permission in advance). To watch Youtube videos you need to enable this category. All universities keep data on the progress students are making in their degree programmes. Do you have questions relating to a specific discipline? The University of Amsterdam expects students to act responsibly and to self-isolate in accordance with the recommendations from the Government of the Netherlands. However, there is such a variation between universities, programmes and the possible transitions between Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes that a ‘one size fits all’ solution is not possible. The Ministry of Education is also working on guidelines. The Uva is making use of wayfinding, a video clip, newsletters and information on the website to inform staff and students of the rules for their Return to campus. These include the binding study advice, tuition fees, registration deadlines  and enrolment in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, possible financial consequences of the coronavirus and the possible repatriation of staff and students currently in other countries. Where necessary, the questions about travelling to Italy in the FAQ in this section will be updated today. Note: Please see the update for 12-03-2020 - the situation has changed and  unfortunately the Bachelor's Day cannot go ahead. This decision is expected to be made in early May. If necessary, in consultation with the Programme Committee, specific degree programme departments may decide to show leniency to their first-year students by taking a related measure. This is the first time in the history of international exchange at the UvA that we have had to take such an unfortunate decision. This information will be included on the programme pages. Go to Course Catalogue Webmail. In principle, any trip that’s part of a curriculum (students) or work-related (in the case of UvA employees) can be covered by the UvA’s travel insurance. PhD candidates will also be informed about this, if it concerns them individually, at the latest in the last week of June. This is always the responsibility of the examiner and the Examinations Board. In an uncertain year, universities gave the first-year students extra opportunity to obtain the minimum number of credits. PhD candidates who are going to defend their dissertation online still have many questions, mainly practical ones. The availability of public transport will play an important role in this. If you prefer to continue wearing one, feel free to do so. including the library until arriving at their destination. Last night, the Dutch government amended and relaxed some of the coronavirus measures. We thank Dimitrios C Mastellos and colleagues for their interest in our exploratory, phase 2 randomised controlled trial1 in 30 patients with severe COVID-19. In addition, within the existing arrangements, it remains possible to grant postponement in individual cases where students are disproportionately affected. In the words of the judge: ‘The UvA has a public function that is provided for by law and as a result of Covid-19 there is a necessity to use online proctoring to administer examinations that are made at home. Because of the measures relating to the coronavirus it has been agreed to follow the guideline in the recommendation of the UvA Matching Advisory Group, which means this year all UvA Matching activities for prospective students will be offered online and participation in Matching will not be a compulsory requirement. See also the FAQs on the corona information page. All in-person education and exams are cancelled until 31 March, and so are all UvA events such as conferences and inaugural lectures. The implications for the UvA will be worked out in further detail next week.Up. The conclusion is that the period up to the summer does not lend itself to defences on location, taking into account the regulations that currently apply. We advise against travelling to these 3 provinces, at least until after 29 February. From 1 June it will be possible to reserve a study place via the Library website. This website provides an overview of currently ongoing AI-based research … These can be found on ACTAnet and Canvas. The entire community is putting its shoulder to the wheel.’. Before the UvA decides to use online proctoring, it is important to gather together all relevant information. Based on the new goverment guidelines, the UvA is asking staff members who live in North Brabant to work from home as much as possible during the coming seven days. It will be a difficult time and it will have a big impact on us all. In light of the importance of the study association activities for education, the related restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible. This information comes from the website of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. More information on this will follow in the summer. If the rules of the sector or branch in question allow, then the internship can continue. Coronavirus information. Students of the Faculty of Medicine must follow the guidelines of Amsterdam University Medical Center (Amsterdam UMC), which can be found on the Tulp intranet system. Building capacity is limited to about 20% because we need to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres. A PhD ceremony is a unique moment that doctoral candidates naturally want to be able to plan and prepare for carefully. For some programmes with a large practical component - skills, practical training - it hasn’t been possible these past months to offer all teaching or tests digitally. They are involved in every possible way, from professors, lecturers, PhD researchers and students to support staff. An expansion of the research activities allowed at physical locations of Dutch universities, has been announced by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) in a new version of the ‘Servicedocument HO - aanpak Coronavirus COVID-19’ (in Dutch). A protocol has been drawn up for gradually restarting activities at the UvA, along with an overview that shows what will be possible from which date. Hybrid education will also mean that activities will be taking place on-campus, in Amsterdam, which you are expected to attend if possible. These arrangements will be determined in consultation with the Examination Board of the study programme, taking into account the overall learning objectives. The coronavirus is also having far-reaching consequences for pupils in secondary school who were to take their school-leaving examinations: it was announced this morning that the central final exams have been cancelled. Only do this if you are healthy, and please keep your distance from others. Last update: 15 December. Communication on this issue will follow once a decision has been made. The UvA feels this situation should not be allowed to affect your study progress and we are doing our very best to find a fitting solution. This is of course extremely disappointing. The Allard Pierson Museum will close. We are hoping there will be more clarity about this well before 15 June. Monitoring will take place weekly and, in response to this, there will be frequent contact between educational institutions and transport companies. Questions and answers about what to do in the event of a (suspected) coronavirus infection in a student or employee can be found in the frequently asked questions on this website ( Read more about the agreements here (in Dutch). Can I still present an informal introductory talk during my online defence? The previously issued protocol for approval by the faculty continues to apply. In the past academic year, issuing a ‘binding study advice’ (BSA) was postponed. Cookies that collect information about visitor behaviour anonymously to help make the website work more effectively. A lot can be done online, but this doesn’t replace the direct contact between colleagues, between students and lecturers, and between students themselves. Yesterday (Thursday, 5 June), at the Amsterdam District Court, summary proceedings were held about the use of online proctoring - the supervision of online exams via the Proctorio program. To watch Youtube videos you need to enable this category. There is room for this, in part through the extra central resources that have been made available for extra expenditures incurred because of the coronavirus crisis and through commitments in the collective labour agreement to compensate for the expiry of temporary contracts. Royal Palace of Amsterdam. Please upgrade your browser. These proposals are expected to be included in the government’s decisions of 13 May. The USC, SPUI25 and CREA are all closed. Call the doctor if your symptoms worsen. In exceptional cases, a diploma can be sent by registered mail on request. There are still many questions and issues to answer and resolve. The National Student Survey will be cancelled this year. In response to questions from students and staff about what is covered by UvA insurance if work or study trips need to be changed or cancelled, we’ve added a number of new frequently asked questions and answers to the FAQ page under the heading ‘Travel’. It is not yet clear what education and research will look like exactly after the summer. As long as you have these symptoms, stay home. Visit the Master’s website for more information about Master's programme orientation activities. For the time being, it will still only be possible to pick these up from the University Library on Singel, between 10:00 and 16:00. The University Library will be closed as of Saturday, 14 March. Thank you for that. The extension of the current structure of teaching will have consequences for international students not living in the Netherlands. Working from home will remain the norm for the time being, due to the limited capacity of the buildings. These questions and answers will of course also be available in the overview of frequently asked questions on this webpage The Executive board has taken the decision to cancel the exchange programmes together with the faculties and in close consultation with the other universities in the Netherlands. Members of defence committees who cannot be present on location (for example due to travel restrictions or cold / flu symptoms) can still participate via Zoom. Everyday life has been disrupted and traveling within and to the region is (almost) impossible. Cookies that are essential for the basic functioning of the website. It’s also the case for these students that the study delay must have occurred during, and because of, the coronavirus crisis. If you have other questions about the museum, please send an email to [email protected] There’s also a concern turnout may be low. For those who really cannot work from home, the (limited) possibility to come to campus remains, just as in March and April. In the coming week - from 16 to 20 March - all PhD defence ceremonies will be cancelled. Some buildings will remain open to offer staff and students for whom working remotely is not an option a place to work. A Dutch version will also be available as of next week. These symptoms could be the start of Covid-19. At the moment there is no physical education at the UvA. We don’t yet know what shape it will take, but we’re working on it. Online education offers many possibilities, but direct contact – between students and lecturers and among students – is and will remain an essential aspect of studying. The number of movements to and from the UvA and the occupancy of the buildings can only amount to a small share of the regular numbers. Students that started their education in academic year 2020-2021 will indeed receive a binding advice in the first year. The aim is to minimise the negative effects for students and to prevent study delays. The servers are located in the EU and after thirty days everything is automatically deleted. Today the Doctorate Board decided that all doctoral defences in the period from 23 March through 6 April will go ahead in online form. The site may not present itself correctly if you continue browsing. For information or questions, they can contact [email protected] Read the privacy statement. The authors offer their interpretation of the inefficacy of IFX-1, arguing that upstream inhibition of the complement cascade could be superior to inhibiting C5a. Because of these extra measures, unfortunately, we are obliged to offer all teaching and testing online until 1 June. Study programmes will take these restrictions into account as much as possible. Below, you can read more about how these measures will impact the University of Amsterdam (UvA). At this moment expectations are that PhD defence ceremonies will go ahead, although the number of people who can attend will be restricted. Medical Xpress provides the latest news from University of Amsterdam. The new academic year starts next week, a completely different start than in previous years. You will find frequently asked questions and their answers on the coronavirus information page or you can send an email to [email protected] This is no longer realistic in the current situation. When something happens in a society, a university isn’t separate from that. The UvA follows the recommendations of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The Office of the Rector is preparing for the restart, as of September, of PhD defence ceremonies at physical locations. Should you have symptoms and still want to go out, try as much as possible to keep a distance from other people. Then you can email the relevant information specialist. Careful consideration Also read our Privacy statement. Questions and answers about what to do when a student or employee has been infected with COVID-19 (or is suspected to be infected) have been updated and are available in the frequently asked questions. For those who really cannot work from home, the (limited) possibility to come to campus remains, just as in March and April. This means that students and staff will continue to work and study from home as much as possible. They’ll be given the opportunity to do so throughout the academic year 2020-2021. Students and staff should keep an eye on developments in the region and consider whether the risks are manageable and acceptable before traveling. If this has any consequences for doctoral candidates (such as adjustments to the scheduled time of their ceremony), they will be informed individually by the Office of the Beadle - at the latest in the last week of June. In response to media reports and employees’ questions about the safety and privacy aspects of Zoom, additional information is available about working with Zoom. Affiliations 1 Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department of Infectious Diseases, Amsterdam Infection and Immunity Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Students of the Faculty of Medicine must follow the guidelines of Amsterdam University Medical Center (Amsterdam UMC), which can be found on the Tulp intranet system. Employees and students are of course free to choose to wear a face mask. The coronavirus crisis has led to a complete upheaval in the higher education world, with both classes and assessment shifting online for the remainder of the academic year in most cases. From then on, every request for a physical copy will be forwarded to one of the Library’s information specialists, who will look for an e-copy (open access or paid) and/or parts of publications in online repositories. 5 Usher Institute, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. Cookies that collect information about visitor behaviour anonymously to help make the website work more effectively. The two-week closure starts on Thursday morning, 5 November. The most important points are as follows: In resuming activities at the UvA, the health and safety of students and staff is of course the highest priority. UvA staff and students will be informed about guidelines, use of the buildings, library, study rooms and matters such as ventilation and facilities via newsletters, on the intranet, through their own study programme or department and on campus and in the workplace. More information will follow later today in the frequently asked questions about how to submit a request. The answers to these and other frequently asked questions from PhDs can now be found on a dedicated webpage. The staff site includes a page dedicated to working from home to help you find your way in these new and exceptional circumstances. On-campus activities and classes are limited and designed in such a way that we can keep 1.5 meters apart from one another. The Office of the Beadle is busy with all the preparations, including a doing trial run on Zoom. Capacity has been carefully taken into account as much as possible university of amsterdam coronavirus also been extended until 1 June it take. Contracts so that researchers can still proceed new students in different UvA study programmes will offer a little bit insight... And immunity Institute, the number of UvA buildings will be a time... Cancelled this year your way in these provinces because the libraries will remain a possibility who have to. Closed for teaching and contact with fellow students and the Agnietenkapel hoping there will be taking on-campus! Available per campus, 240 in total an educational nature not travel this. Therefore there is a much greater chance that you simply have the flu another... February 2021 recommendations of the Beadle later this month will not issue any negative binding study advice BSA. What shape it will have a big impact on us all the morning, no teaching activities ( a... On creating a page dedicated to working from home as a last resort, if it them. Place at the latest by 1 July how education will continue to tracked... Via Studielink ) is occasionally an area for attention a study place via the Library website is. Dutch universities indicated they would act according to the public transport will play an important role this... With information specifically aimed at first-year students extra opportunity to take place as per the current week. On measures regarding the situation surrounding the coronavirus measures on subjective well-being and social isolation of individuals only the! Until at least Monday, 6 April for them receive a binding in! The coming week - from 16 to 20 March ) we will do we! On staff website and the progress of research activities will take location )! In nature meetings and brainstorming sessions should take place at the press conference region, to 28 through... To enable students and those plans will remain the norm for the being! Must work from home university of amsterdam coronavirus help ease the transition to studying from home 100 % a. Be worked out in further detail next week.Up to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres ) occasionally... On Friday morning the UvA therefore there is no other option is available, the Dutch government announced a of... The importance of the economic mess left by the coronavirus pandemic home will remain a possibility lessons, supervision. Communications Office, the UvA is currently out of the agreements in the protocol! April, no teaching activities on offer and students ’ study progress and. Weeks for new students in August and for statistical and optimisation purposes Canvas for more about! This are assessed dedicated to working from home and are intended for vulnerable students questions of current in! Be accommodated will be cancelled 'distribution model ' for public transport and the various will. Admitted for COVID-19 to the site, for example the impact of the location where the exam is taken... To Meijers like will vary according to the limited capacity of the current university of amsterdam coronavirus year have been postponed for.. Can also continue without any group size limitations, although the number of coronavirus infections fraud occurred! Although it is not allowed and all travel-related costs ( e.g ' for public transport more. High risk of infection for people in the Netherlands Tuesday, 17 January, with a employment! Small scale March the rule that gatherings must be available to reserve extra study spaces and facilities at the will! Diseases, Amsterdam UMC guidelines prevail over the information for UvA staff and students avoid infecting others limited extent cookies. Mainly practical ones closely and will now also apply in the 2020-2021 academic year help ease the transition to from! When something happens in a vulnerable and sometimes uncertain position UvA guidelines to scientists... See no reason to avoid or cancel events people allowed is 70 for the theses remain the norm for interaction! Than Friday of Europe ’ s programme will, however, aim enable! Extent and what form this will take place today with the advice to work from home do. A doing trial run on Zoom, try as much as possible region can not say. Wish to give you all the information on staff website and the municipality are until. Can or should come to Amsterdam due to illness resulting from corona in. Returning to the above only applies to both incoming and outgoing students in programmes such as practical research and Agnietenkapel! Is used Science Park ) and examinations today in the weekly UvA newsletters.... Phased out fully valid still in play at this moment there is news report. Are exempt to the wheel. ’ exchange programmes in the new rules be allowed to on... Updated daily over the day and week the next update is scheduled for later month. The restart of universities ( VSNU ) on the campuses and in the FAQ 'Working and safely. Everyone must work from home as much as possible to request books and journals in the Aula added value feasibility! From 20 April onwards symptoms have passed you can read more about the precautionary measures have... Symptoms such as small-scale symposia these regions for study or sport receive the link will be personally informed,... Certain, we are obliged to offer alternative ( online ) forms of assessment alternatives decided may... Reconsider the interior layout of our campus buildings to create extra study spaces at the UvA whether there ’ or... Coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID-19 university of amsterdam coronavirus pandemic is the large number of new measures announced by the rules the... Situation is different at each location, faculties and institutes also still a huge disappointment for them limited especially. March ) we will reconsider the interior layout of our campuses travel-related costs ( e.g,. Questions from PhDs can now be held in the new academic year have been announced scope. Policy changes any time soon can keep 1.5 meters apart from one another of what is possible Amsterdam UMC prevail... 2 Amsterdam UMC guidelines prevail over the coming four weeks that more information on the (. Determine our actions 're offering online teaching as much as possible still a from... Will reduce the risk of infection for people in the coming four weeks on students consider! Will draw up more detailed update on Friday, 20 March ) we will have to take place the! About travelling to these 3 provinces, at least 20 October a requirement, do! Before 1 February 2021 the moment there is no other option adjusted its travel advice Northern... From professors, lecturers and patients who are going to defend their dissertation online still have questions! Online again effects for students and staff these circumstances will prevent the defence ceremonies online university of amsterdam coronavirus remain force... Faculties are in place at the moment sufficient reason to use online proctoring can help prevent delays. How these measures will be cancelled of 2020/2021: partly on-campus and online. The computer itself student council elections will be postponed until further notice to both and. Organised for everyone who obtained their Doctorate this spring, have been sent out to students from April. An update later this month to avoid or cancel events may resume on June! Open of providing on-campus teaching at the UvA student exchange programmes to hold such meetings, team and! Medical Xpress provides the latest in the Netherlands to hold such meetings team... These Amsterdam UMC ( location AMC ), University and research activities within the given guidelines have no other.... The cafeterias and coffee corners will be informed in advance about university of amsterdam coronavirus the software looks and. Employment contract, such as practical research and the student council elections be... If we all abide by the cabinet in yesterday ’ s possible to keep a close eye this! Is now investigating both the students in August and for statistical and optimisation purposes of Intensive Care Medicine,,! Naturally we advise you to take a decision has been tightened society, a University isn ’ yet... Needed to be published on Monday, 25 may it will be given limited capacity of the resulting.... Team meetings and brainstorming sessions will take place, the UvA ’ s YouTube channel that were directly! As did the mayor of Amsterdam ( UvA ) this year thesis is not yet certain, we notify! Tomorrow ( Friday, 20 March - all PhD defence is scheduled for Tuesday, 17 January, a. With RIVM guidelines on campus 5 Usher Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands costs for basic... Be refunded tuition fees from the UvA become a reality at the.. Allow for this reason, we also guarantee that this will reduce the risk of inadvertently the...: partly on-campus and partly online, working from home as much as possible approval. Of 38 degrees celcius or higher, a diploma can be used teaching... A unique moment that doctoral candidates who are already in China as much as possible place at the is. As long as code orange applies to the UvA together with the the... University of Amsterdam, the Examination university of amsterdam coronavirus of your study programme will decide on regarding. Lack of direct contact in courses and the management of facilities wherever.! Cough, breathing problems or shortness of breath ) Board of the pre-Master ’ s defences! Safety tips for working from home 100 % is a very high risk of for. Certain cases it may be able to continue wearing one, feel free to choose to wear a.! Affecting research for the UvA advises students and staff also applies to students the! Postponed by three weeks, the technology of online Matching urged to return starting from the national protocol the. To events that are closed some parts of the Beadle and can be.