As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor. These plants are rich in essential oils and useful for purifying rooms thanks to their antibacterial action, for scenting the rooms due to their pleasant aroma, and for improving breathing. Thanks, Some people can be so critical!! When the smudge is completely dry, it will be possible to burn it to purify environments, objects, or people. Smoke attaches itself … . You can make smudge sticks using bundles of both dried and fresh herbs and flowers. For the combustion of the smudge to take place correctly, it is essential that the herbs are completely dry and free of moisture. What to Say When Smudging a House? Are you supposed to burn the whole smudge stick at a time? Here’s How to do a Candle Cleansing Ritual [Beginner’s Guide], cleanse your energy and aura, give you protection, Check out all the available options at my shop. Once the sage, other herb, or blend of herbs has been located, it’s time to harvest. Harvesting should take place early in the morning and it is necessary to obtain leaves or twigs that are ten or twenty centimeters long. And making your own smudge sticks lets you customize the herbs to suit your needs and preferences. Tie a knot around the stems. We smudge and create cleansing baths with cooking elements all the time, just like our ancestors did. “Were used” is true, but also “is used” is true because indigenous people are still here. Thanks again, I for one really appreciate your method. Put several branches together so that the cut ends are... Wrap Up Your Herbs. I can only seem to find dried sage. I like to tie the yarn around twice and knot it. It’s a little easier to work with fresh because the stems are less brittle, so you can work it into any shape you like—but dried have their benefits too! It involves burning selected herbs or other materials in a manner that fills the home or other space with the fragrance of the smoke, and it is thought to clear negative energy. We shouldn’t use white sage and Palo santo as they’re sacred to indigenous people and endangered as well. Not only would that take a long time, but I don’t think it’s necessary for cleansing your space. Magickal Spot is a witchcraft site dedicated to offering magical education, and we do this thorough explanation of the craft and its many nuances. Uh oh. I only have Russian sage (which seems a bit strong) and lavender. Once they feel nice and sturdy, I create my smudge stick first (tie off the twine and everything). Use scissors to harvest it but try to be gentle. You can find many different spells I can cast for you to cleanse your energy and aura, give you protection, and so much more. Before you start your sage plant, … Anything that could help. As you walk around your home, visualize the old, stagnant energy dissolving and fresh energy taking its place. The smudge can also be burned in a stone container using incense charcoal. Your email address will not be published. (Note :: I … You can repeat the white sage smudge stick ritual for a few days until you sense a shift in the energy and positivity appears around you. The materials are both considered to have cleansing properties but are used slightly differently. You need to rely on white sage for smudge sticks when you feel stuck, negative, lazy, or a little depressed; the healing scent of a smudge stick could help you. White sage was used in North American tribes, while Palo Santo was more often used in Central and South America. You can use multiple plant species or just one herb to prepare the smudge. Smudging is the act of burning special healing herbs as part of a cleansing ritual to clear energies, air or a physical space.According to Marika Messager, at the Numinous, smudging can be seen as the psychic equivalent for “washing your hands before eating” and it has science proved facts: as stated by Prof. Chandra Nautiyal, smoke from some herbs can even change the molecular structure of air and energy. as you move around the space. Leave the stick in a dry, dark place until it’s ready. gather your foraged ingredients. Make Your Own Smudge Sticks To Banish Bad Energy | Hello Nest What if I cannot find white sage? Tie the bundle at the base with a secure knot. A little research would be nice. Smudging helps to clear that negativity so you can move on. Once the smudge has been prepared, it must be allowed to dry before it can be used. Totally trying this! Fold in any stray sprigs, tucking them under the string as you go. Respect its own drying time as this is an important step. This part is so … California white sage has been used by Native American tribes for rituals and prayers to bring balance and peace to a space and fresh energy into your life. [Different Shrubs], A Guide to Cleansing Herbs Magic [Herbs, How-To …]. What a terrific find! This makes the binding process a bit easier. In Spanish, the words palo santo literally mean “holy wood.” Harvested from the fallen branches and twigs of the tree found throughout South America, Palo Santo was used in ceremonies to combat negative energy and cleanse a space. Or you can find large, potted sage plants at most greenhouses. Did it contain rosemary? 1. Thank u for taking the time to share this with us….im in the process of making 1 for my pregnant niece whos do any day now….makes me happy shes interested in stuff im into….have a great day. I used rosemary,lavender and sage. Place the still-burning bundle or stick into an abalone shell. It’s up to you. Once you reach the top of the bundle, continue wrapping, crisscrossing the twine as you head back down toward the base. Some events, whether it be a fight with your spouse or just a bad day, can create negatively charged energy that lingers in your space. Where do you get the fresh sage from? These smudge stick combinations look amazing! What an exciting project! Make Your House Smell Like the Holidays With DIY Aromatic Wax Fire Starters, 15 DIY Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing, 12 Pretty DIY Planters to Get You Ready to Garden, 3 Easy, DIY Ways to Make Your House Smell Like Fall, 3 Essential Oil Blends for Anxiety + Worries, How to Make Aromatherapy Relief Roll-ons for Headaches, Cramps, and Insomnia, Make Your Own Massage Oil with 7 Essential Oil Blends + Uses, 12 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Stress, Pucker Up! If the weather allows, throw open some windows and let the breeze refresh your home and fill it with clean, positive energy. The herbs will continue to burn and the smoke they produce will be diffused around the environment or near the object or person to be purified. With the branch tips pointing down, wrap the string around the base of the branch bundle. This makes the binding process a bit easier. Not sure where else you would find fresh unless you have a friend or neighbor who grows. [Here's How To Do It Right], Here's How to Use Palo Santo Smudge Sticks [Tips & Tricks], What is the Purpose of Smudging? Hey! All Rights Reserved. I usually add roses if the smudging has to deal with love affairs, like an argument with my husband. When you harvest the sage, don’t forget to give thanks to nature for allowing you to use its gifts and its energies. [Which Herbs To Pick? Energy healer Durek compares burning Palo Santo to “psychic bug spray.”. Gifts from the Garden: Homegrown Herb Bundles – You Grow Girl Don’t worry though, we have many good and just as amazing alternatives to use such as rosemary, lavender and so much more. This way you know it’s being done by someone experienced and knowledgeable and I’m also always here to answer questions about your casting and provide follow-up at no additional charge. [Different Chants] What Kind of Sage is Used for Smudging? (I used fresh sage, rose petals, and dried mini rosebuds.). [Finding the Right Herbs], Where did Smudging Come From? You can often find fresh sage at the grocery stores (I have found small packs of it at Kroger, Publix, and Whole Foods in the produce section next to the other fresh herbs). The tips … Check out all the available options at my shop and, if you cannot find the perfect fit, don’t forget I have a custom spell option available in both white and black magic. Cut a length of string about five feet long. Smudging can sound a bit intimidating to beginners and may seem unsafe or complicated, but in reality it is quite easy and completely safe when you follow simple steps. I let my smudge stick burn for about 10–15 minutes (while I walk from room to room) before extinguishing it and saving the rest for later. It’s a little easier to work with fresh because the stems are less brittle, so you can really work it into any shape you like,—but dried has benefits too! It is said that burning these sticks at home can help eliminate the negative energy that is created after a fight and helps to free the environment from old relationships and start over with positivity. Thanks for the ideas and simple methods, and for sharing your well-written, concise blog. Which nations use smudging? While they might take a little more elbow grease, homemade smudge sticks are just as potent as the store-bought kind, maybe even more so. I break out the smudge stick whenever I’m ready for a fresh start. Bundle together your herbs and flowers in a pleasing way. [Different Shrubs] A Guide to Cleansing Herbs Magic [Herbs, How-To …]. There is no “right” nor “wrong” just DIFFERENT!!! When our Hart’s are open to the good of the world . Yes, of course. I love everything rosemary! When ready, light the ends, blow out the flame, and let the end continue to burn. I smudge seasonally as a way to clear out the old energy and welcome the new. Required fields are marked *. 2. !¡, I followed your tutorial on making smudge bundles and found it to be great. As you might already know, white sage is basically the superstar when it comes to smudging. If you’re not a fan of smoke, for whatever reason, you can still cleanse your space by using air cleansing essential oils or with a Palo Santo room spray. Wrap tightly with cotton twine and wait til dry. I smudged but nothing happened. Can I buy it online? Wrap the string around the whole bundle (pressing it well). If you’re not familiar with the different varieties of sage, check the label to make sure it’s white sage. Fan the smoke into the corners as you move around the space. Cut a piece of twine (or 100% cotton thread) that is 4 times the length of your bundle. Make Your Own Smudge Sticks Bundle Your Herbs. Growing the Sage (Optional) Find an ideal place to plant the sage. ], Does Smudging Kill Germs? Smudging is a symbolic exercise found in feng shui practice, many native American traditions, and alternative healing practices. Let’s see how to make a white sage smudge stick and let me share with you some more tips and guidance for a successful experience! – When you’re feeling upset. Could you please hook me up with easy to follow info links? Derived from Native American ceremonies to cleanse and bless people and places, smudging is the practice of slowly burning herbs and flowers in a space. You know that lavender plant that you forgot to water? I provide these “do it yourself” articles for educational purposes, but it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you. Your picture when lighting the stick is different from the rest of your tutorial. I bet it is delightful!! Once they feel nice and sturdy, I create my smudge stick first (tie off the twine and everything), then go back and tuck the flower buds and small herbs into the bundle where they feel secure. For things like rosebuds, lavender sprigs, and small herbs, let them dry out a bit, so they hold their shape. It is wonderful to receive some guidance as to how to make smudge sticks! Wrap the remaining length of string around the base of the branches several … Smudge sticks are natural incense made with dried leaves and flowers assembled together. One hour of burning medicinal smoke reduced airborne bacteria by 94%, and the purifying effects lasted for 24 hours in a closed room. Here’s how to make your own DIY smudge sticks to freshen your home. Either you can place the smudge stick in a fire-safe bowl away from anything flammable and, while keeping a close eye on it, allow it to slowly burn itself out (I can’t speak for all smudge sticks, but mine eventually go out on their own after a few minutes). One hour of burning medicinal smoke reduced airborne bacteria by 94%, and the purifying effects lasted for 24 hours in a closed room. Foundation Spellcasting FAQ Privacy Policy Terms of Use Contact Us About Magickal Spot. Use white cotton as this color can recall the energy of the cleansing action you want it to perform and manifest for you. When smoldering, the sticks give off a rustic aroma that’s calming and pleasant. Not true. Once your smudge stick has dried out, feel free to reuse it until you can no longer hold it comfortably. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a354901dbb65fdff4fdd723ad16a546d" );document.getElementById("c386cbfb9e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can also speak your intention out loud if you prefer, but it’s not necessary. Energy Clearing Smudge Spray #2. I know that some herbs and some magical ingredients are very hard to find for some of you. How To Make Your Own Rosemary Sage Smudge Sticks, In fact, a 2007 scientific study published in the. its gardening season, you can pick up a small plant of your own to grow with intentions! By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies. It is fun and exciting to see the different ingredients/supplies people use. Smudging can help cleanse the energy from the previous occupants, getting rid of old psychic residue and any bad juju. The simplest way to use the smudge is to light one end of the herb bundle with a flame and then immediately blow out the flame. You can make DIY smudge sticks using bundles of both dried and fresh herbs and flowers. Thank-you so much for the framework you offer! Hold the tip of the smudge stick at a 45-degree angle in an open flame (a match is recommended, but if you don’t have one, a lighter, candle, or even a gas cooktop will work). Oh wow! What should I do? Knot the two ends of the string at the base. Also read: What to Say When Smudging a House? [Colors Explained], What to do With Sage Ashes or Stick after Smudging? Of course, this is an ancient method used to purify and restore balance. [History Explained], How to Light Sage for Smudging? After you smudge, throw open the windows to help get rid of any negative energy. Definitely. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it gives you the chance to connect with this herb and its properties, even more, to boost its effects and cleanse your space in a more decisive, powerful way. Please don’t force us to use critical thinking. Smudge sticks are easily found in herbal medicine and online, but if you have the leaves and flowers of aromatic plants available, you can easily make a DIY white sage smudge stick. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you still cannot sense this shift, you think you need some help in dealing with negative energy, or you think you need some protection too, I can help! Do I need to say anything while using a smudge stick? You can buy sage plants at any Walmart or any store that sells plants in the spring. different kinds of sage used for smudging so you can have the right energy and properties for your needs. This should leave one side of the string approximately 3 times the length of your bundle. ….. Tie the loose end to the original knot at the base of the stick. This one is great for clearing in spaces that you don’t normally inhabit. [Different Chants], What Kind of Sage is Used for Smudging? We usually think of sage as being the herb traditionally used for smudging, but different herbs carry different properties: some medicinal, some cleansing, and some just smell nice (I’m looking at you, lavender). They come back for a few years if you plant them outside. You know that lavender plant that you forgot to water? Fresh herbs, string or twine, and a pair of scissors are the only materials needed to make a DIY smudge stick. Cut the branches of the plant material you are using into 7-10 inch lengths. Fan the smoke into the corners with a feather as you move around the space. For me, that’s at the start of each new season, but it could also be on New Year’s Day, before starting a new job, after spring cleaning, or when a roommate moves out. When combined with energy-clearing ingredients like sea salt and white sage essential oil, Palo Santo creates a potent room refresher that acts as a smokeless alternative to traditional. I love the TamedWild website and I noticed that they’re selling sage there! Give it the chance to be ready for you, as without being perfectly dry it won’t create the smoke that is truly necessary for cleansing during a smudging. Once the smudge stick catches, gently blow out the flame so the herbs are smoldering and smoke is actively rising. If you’re not a fan of smoke, for whatever reason, you can still cleanse your space by using, . Find us on: What Kind of Feather is Used for Smudging? I break out the smudge stick whenever I’m ready for a fresh start. Blow out the flame, and let the end continue to burn. [A Quick Guide], A step-by-step guide to make white sage smudge sticks. Smudging is therefore a real purification ritual that can be carried out to purify environments, objects, or people. Use Palo Santo when you want to move negative energy out of your home and surroundings. Try to honor the earth and experience the harvesting phase as a way to connect with Mother Earth and her gift. of spirit animals and the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. It’s even better if you blessed the scissors with oil, you can use Extra Virgin Olive oil if you have it, it’s a powerful blessing ingredient that helps you connect with what’s around you from a place of awareness and of gratitude. Add essential oils in any order. The leaves and twigs must all be arranged in the same direction and spirally tied, first in one direction and then in the other, making a double loop at the ends.