Most of the fish won't be in really deep water yet, and most any choice of live, cut or organic baits will entice strikes. For starters, let’s consider the Kentucky state record smallmouth bass. Fortunately, we are not most other fishing websites. These two lakes carry a rich tradition for producing quality catfish, and a reputation for giving up some truly exceptional sized catfish as well. Some of my best memories as a youngster include the times when my father took me fishing on a summer afternoon, and let me tangle with a big old catfish or two in the pond behind our house. We've got catfish going in little lakes here and there all over the state, including several city and county park lakes and ponds and on lots of our WMAs," explained Crowell. Much of the business model of these pay lakes (beyond people paying to fish) revolves around them stocking these lakes with big trophy catfish and holding tournaments. From the Ohio to the mighty Mississippi, here is where you'll find the Commonwealth's top whiskerfishing this season! Fish will also be taken near the dam around rocky banks, and off points with steep dropoffs, which form channel cuts. That said, it is Kentucky’s second largest state-controlled lake. Over the holidays (especially the 4th of July), fishing can be compromised. Sarah K. Terry caught the record fish, which weighed in at an impressive 47 pounds, in 2008. The Biggest Bass Ever Caught: What is the World Record? A lot of limbline and jug- fishing goes on in Fishtrap, which is one way to connect with catfish and eliminate some of the waiting it often takes to be successful. What I use as a professional catfish guide. If we know anything about water, we know it usually contains fish. //]]> Some of the smaller lakes in Prather's district are also hotspots for channel catfish, many of which are supported through the KDFWR stocking program. The significant lakes in the area are impoundments or reservoirs, stocked by the state to provide excellent fisheries for bass, bluegill and catfish. Lake catfish fishing particularly for blues on the other hand should target clearer waters with faster currents and should definitely be focused on larger lakes for these giants. College Fishing Talk: University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Colin Steck, Spotlight: Robinson’s Fishing and Hunting, The 40 Funniest Fishing Memes to Pass the Time. Some of the lakes in Kentucky where larger numbers of catfish are released, besides those already mentioned, include Greenbo Lake in Carter County, Lake Malone in Muhlenberg County, Lake Reba in Madison County, Elmer Davis in Owen County and the new Cedar Creek Lake in Lincoln County, which were stocked with almost 19,000 channel cats last fall. It does have a welcoming location for those coming from Indiana and Ohio, however. David L. Hayes landed a mammoth 11 pound, 15 ounce smallie on the lake way back in 1955. Numerous species can be found here, including crappie, bluegill, trout, smallmouth bass, and channel catfish. Kentucky Lake. Lake Barkley also features numerous marinas, incuding Buzzard Rock and Resort Marina, Kuttawa Harbor Marina, and Eddy Creek Marina. Yatesville anglers should find quality-sized catfish evenly distributed throughout the upper and lower lake. Some of the more popular species on Herrington include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, spotted bass, hybrid striped bass, and white bass. As time passed, the realm of my catfishing experiences expanded greatly, and I learned that opportunities to catch catfish existed in just about every place there was water. When you’re discussing the best fishing lakes in Kentucky, you have to include Dale Hollow. The logperch, caught in 2013, was a modest 0.08 pounds. When fishing for catfish … With a healthy variety of species available, Herrington Lake offers the type of variety that appeals to a diverse pool of anglers. The main lake of either reservoir is considered excellent for both blues and channels, as are the tailwaters below the dams of these lakes, according to Rister. Catfish Fishing 101 While they don't get much respect in the media or from fishing elites, catfish are one of the most pursued species we have. Blue Catfish are a predator of the rivers and yes large lakes too. If the central Kentucky region is more convenient for a trip, anglers should be considering Taylorsville Lake as the top spot for major lake channel catfishing. We've got you covered. We talked about paylakes in this live video, especially those paylakes that purchase and stock their lakes with catfish from public waters. Remember to stay on the rocks during late spring and early summer, and move to the channels and deeper dropoffs in July and August. "Anglers might be surprised at what's swimming around in some of these smaller bodies of waters, and it's certainly an opportunity that shouldn't be discounted quickly," Crowell said. Here's where to look for catfish when lake fishing, and which bait and tackle to use successfully. Now, we will take a look at the lakes that were determined to have the best fishing in Kentucky. Bass, trout, walleye, bluegill, muskie, catfish, and panfish can all be found in Dale Hollow. County in midwestern Kentucky, there's a little 26-acre sleeper lake where some recent renovation took place. Lake Barkley also features numerous marinas, incuding Buzzard Rock and Resort Marina, Kuttawa Harbor Marina, and Eddy Creek Marina. It is similar to the Channel Catfish, but differs by having a long, straight-edged (vs. shorter, rounded) anal fin and no dark spots on the body. Channel catfishing on all three reservoirs, including Yatesville, is rated as good. Almost anyone can catch a bunch of small catfish. Bass are also a staple on the lake. Premier Angler - Your #1 Fishing Resource, The Best Fishing in Kentucky: Our Top 8 Lakes, Lake Cumberland (photo via Blueathena7/Flickr), Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. We also participate in the Bass Pro Shops Affiliate program. Best Catfish in Hopkinsville, Kentucky: Find 127 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Catfish and search by price, location, and more. This may be the single-most reason why so many people fish for them: Their ubiquitous nature and widespread abundance makes them available to practically every angler at any time. For over half a century, there hasn’t been a larger smallmouth caught in Kentucky. Outside of record fish, however, the fishery also offers plenty of excellent size and quantity for numerous species. There are a lot of trophy catfish … Address: 1777 Prizer Point Rd, Cadiz, KY 42211 Phone Number: (270) 522-3762 Kentucky Lakes campground is an ideal spot for families and those looking for plenty of fun activities. It is a very popular recreation lake, however, so anglers should expect heavy traffic during certain times of the year. The lake has several boat ramps, access to bank fishing, and a handful of developments planned for the future (as of this writing), including a marina and public beach. You might want to sling a line at Washburn sometime this summer and see what takes off with it. Popular bait shops on Lake Barkley include Tom & Barb’s and The Cabin Bait and Tackle. Anglers who fish these waters can expect to land some quality largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white crappie, black crappie, channel catfish and bluegill. They can be caught 12 months of the year and they live in a variety of aquatic locations that make them accessible to many fishermen. Most people visit Cedar Creek Lake to fish for black crappie, channel catfish, bluegill, sunfish and largemouth bass. Another entry from eastern Kentucky, Yatesville joins a list of spots that offer great largemouth bass fishing. It goes without saying that you can get into some excellent river fishing on the Ohio River, Mississippi River, Licking River, Cumberland River, Green River and others. While neither record is for a “significant” species, they are records nonetheless. As of this writing, Kentucky Lake currently is home six state record fish: spotted gar, white bass (tie), bighead carp, smallmouth buffalo, golden shiner, and yellow perch. The biologist says if you're looking for the big flatheads, most of his sampling showed the larger fish were found in the lower end of the lake. During the summer, catfish spend most of their time somewhere either close to rocky habitat, and in deeper water during the day, and that's where fishing should be concentrated. When the weather turns sultry, these Midwest locales offer prime action for channel catfish. It might restrict fishing in the immediate tailwaters, which is sometimes where the bigger blues come from," said the biologist. 6,184 were here. Larry Johns: Try the Lemon-Pepper Catfish with Onion Straws and Sweet fried corn on the cob.It is the best fish you haven't heard about. Anglers may also want to visit Laurel River Lake if they are looking for some of Kentucky’s best northern pike fishing. Anglers frequently visit Beargrass Creek, Tygarts Creek, Tug Fork, Levisa Fork, Hickman Creek, and Clear Fork. Located in north-central Kentucky, Taylorsville offers accessibility to anglers coming from throughout the state, as well as those venturing in from Ohio and even Indiana. Crawdad tails, night crawlers and other baits will attract attention fished closed to the bottom, around chunk rock and other structure in deeper pools. As a smaller lake known for its natural beauty, anglers will likely enjoy the relatively small size and absence of watersports enthusiasts. Premier Angler - Your #1 Fishing Resource. Fishing Lakes Ponds in Scottsville on Anglers will have the best results fishing The Bluegrass State has some excellent fishing lakes. In need of a rugged container to sip from in the backcountry? //