It really helps, I just got asked for a first partnership on instagram and I really didn’t know what to ask them! Hi hi! Rap by : SHAD3.. And since our hearts are still in the Rasoda, you should totally checkout the OFFICIAL RASODE MEIN KAUN THA Collection in collaboration with @BewakoofOfficial. Your first step should be to understand the brands specific need, wants, and asks. I have a fairly new blog and instagram. You should ask the brand how many social media posts they want. Absolutely! You’ll be driving tons of great traffic towards your site, but you won’t convert any of your followers if they can’t quickly and easily purchase your products. This is very exciting, but a little nerve wrecking lol. Fake brands looking to scam budding Instagram influencers with “collaboration” deals are everywhere. For instance if a swimsuit company reached out and I hadn’t worked with a swimsuit brand before, here is what I would send: Hi Brand! Instagram Collaboration Scams Flag #3 Is Their Message Vague? Should i pay for the shipping or not? Instagram is powerful. Here are a few examples of previous Instagram Collaborations: Mother’s Day Instagram Campaign with Bartells | Instagram Post 1, Instagram Post 2, Modeling for Julep Beauty | Instagram Video, Rocket Dog Footwear @ Coachella | Instagram Post. For example, I know I’ll need promotional product and lifestyle photos about a month before a new collection launch. I personally didn’t start asking to be paid until after I passed 10,000 followers. Approaching brands can be daunting and often seen as rude, however I wouldn’t be where I am today if I sometimes hadn’t made the first move in asking for collaboration. I'm a Seattle Lifestyle Blogger focused on bringing you fashion, career, and life advice. This way, I’m maximizing my online growth by hitting on all aspects of content marketing. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of these cookies. Hey! So ask the brand when they expect the Instagram or blog post to go live. Thanks! Biggini Shoot • Collaborating with brand ambassador of Maharani Beer from Indore • Also, Pravesh Rana deserves an applause here! This way, they HAVE to answer. They earn money when they successfully get people to purchase products from the company using their personal promo code. Say hello to Kat on Instagram @katgaskin. ‘To Post’ has a list of captions that I’ve written ahead of time. But don't hesitate. For the top influencers to work with you, they need to have a positive image of your brand, and when you first reach out to them, that’s when you make that crucial first impression. An Instagram influencer campaign is a partnership between a brand and a popular Instagram account to promote a product or service. I also spend about an hour each week gathering photos to repost. Working with brands on Instagram without a blog. High-quality lifestyle photography. Does the brand only want a mention on Instagram stories? The world of social media marketing and influencers are upon us, and I want to be one of the pioneers who genuinely want to share her knowledge in order to help others grow and be better. Or maybe it was a restaurant? Love this. So thank you ladies for asking me for guidance! I write this list down in The Content Planner because there’s a specific ‘Hitlist’ section prior to each month. Instead of a set schedule, I have a feed structure I like to stick to where I alternate between types of content that achieve different goals (increase likes, generate comments, click a link, gain followers, etc.). Maybe you and the brand can host a giveaway together? I always include a specific detail about their brand, give a compliment and end the message with a question like, ‘Do you ever work with influencers to promote *insert product/business name here*?’. Thank you for sharing with us! I wish I knew all of these tips before I took my first brand deal. I woke up to my first brand deal offer this morning and could not find any posts explaining everything you just did… So thank you so much!!! For instance, a brand's Instagram account can significantly increase their followers due to an influencer's actions. This can create a lasting impression of your brand on Instagram. It boils down to which brands. Instagram is powerful. How to use Instagram to sell? Thank you so much for sharing this girl. Meet Kat Gaskin, the solopreneur behind the Salty Pineapple shop and the famous Content Planner. Well, in our experience, the best way to start out a collaboration is to approach someone with a flipp’n amazing idea. When a brand reaches out to you for a collaboration, you have to understand their goals in order to help you craft a package that will help solve their needs. If you have a business or brand, you can’t afford not to be on Instagram. In The Content Planner, I write down short caption themes for when I need to share something on set date (Ex. Either I slide in the DMs, send a quick email or both! When I’ve contacted them, I make note so I can follow up later. What a nice post dear! Check out the Content Planner (Instagram and website) and Salty Pineapple Shop (Instagram and website). For instance, I had a brand recently ask to submit 5 other photos to be printed in their fliers distributed in all their stores in the Northwest. We’re here to share our story and tips. I now feel more comfortable working out my own deals. Narrow down your audience to female travel bloggers ages 18-24 who travel on a budget to South East Asia with only their backpack. So we should expect to see a lot more of influencer collaborations in the coming months. I can access these notes from both my laptop and phone, so whenever a thought, idea or quote comes my way, I immediately write it down. In fact, last year The Content Planner account only had 3,000 followers. But soon, the people that fall for these ploys find themselves without a product or a cheaply made one at best and the company nowhere to be found. Typically I’ll go back and forth with company/brand to get all these questions answered. In 2019, I brought in $40,000 in revenue again, on top of my full-time job in aerospace and last quarter in grad school. I screenshot, then put them into a folder on my phone called ‘To Post’. Look for brands on a similar playing field in terms of size and reach, and develop plans that are a clear win-win. The more specific you can be, the better. Start out by finding out their goals and what they want from a collaboration and then go from there! If the account content strategy is effective, these followers will become customers, likely within a short period of time. I run 3 very different accounts, which all generate income for me. Say you do. So, make sure that your brand is on-brand with their brand before reaching out. Remember the 80/20 rule = 80% probably won’t respond and about 20% will. It’s also completely FREE. In terms of a content plan, I’m SO glad you asked! Hey Emma, thanks a lot for that article! Message: Hey [INSERT NAME], Hope you’re well and having a great week so far. My name is Kat Gaskin (@katgaskin) and by trade I’m a graphic designer turned content creator and solopreneur. The only way to communicate the brilliant idea is through email. In The Content Planner, I schedule time for content creation according to my business needs. I had no idea when and how to start charging. Here are a few examples of my original work on both Instagram and my blog: Behind the Scenes of the Perfect Instagram Post | Instagram & Blog Post, Thousand Steps Beach | Instagram Post 1 & Instagram Post 2, I actually have never partnered with a swimsuit company, so this is probably what I would send over! Your email address will not be published. As a planner addict, content creator and online business owner, planning my content is an absolute MUST. Make sure your website is VERY mobile-friendly. I am a new travel blogger and I am being contacted by companies. Please help. Also, I am assuming if a fashion brand reaches out to me that means they will provide the clothing for free right? However, the process of the collaboration is a challenging part. Most of my bad experiences are from brands who make you ask questions. It is really helpful. I use it every day to organize my daily content across multiple social platforms, set monthly and weekly goals and plan my strategy. Statista even forecasts that the market size will grow to $2.39 billion by 2019. Are they upfront in their offer and Instagram ‘collaboration’ plan? The most common types of Instagram influencer campaigns are: 1. Depending on how they plan to use the content, I would adjust my rates. This was so helpful as I woke up THIS MORNING to my first ever (legitimate) brand deal email. It also takes time for product to be shipped to you so that’s added on to the timeline! Hi Emma I wanted to thank you for writing this post! It's important to find someone you want to … How do you balance everyday life with taking photos? Spend a few minutes customizing the message and you’ll triple your chances of receiving a response. I prefer to see my entire month at-a-glance to easily fill in my days. I am confused. Furthermore, your account needs a strategy, so get planning. Thanks again for the useful tips , This post is really helpful, I was searching for for advices online on what to do and I stumble on your blog. I’m 100% self-employed and never want to retire. After I post the photo, I remove it from the ‘To Post’ folder so I know how many photos I have left to post. We will briefly mention when and to whom you need to send this or that template. I made sure that the monetary payment was fair because the brand planned to use my content outside of social media. They wouldn’t have reached out if they didn’t see something in you. Brands know that influencer marketing works, and that Instagram is the best place for it. Furthermore, your account needs a strategy, so get planning. When a brand reaches out about a possible collaboration, I always send them a few examples of my previous collaborations to give them some ideas on how I can support them. Hi there, we use cookies to give you the best experience on our website and to help us improve our service. It’s also completely FREE. Sometimes you may have to fill out a form with info about your brand and why you’re interested in a collaboration. Once the email message box is populated with the content of the template, make necessary changes to the text as needed, and click Send from the bottom of the page to send the collaboration mail to the influencer. This has been super helpful . Was it a clothing brand who reached out to you? Thanks Emma for this post! Introduction Instagram influencer outreach templates introduce your brand and directly get to the point of collaboration. At other times, a direct message on Instagram may also work. Once I edit a batch of photos, I’ll transfer them from my laptop to my phone using Airdrop and file them into their respective ‘To Post’ folder. Thanks in advance . One Instagram friend asked me if she should charge a company for doing Instagram stories for an event during Seattle. If the brand refuses to pay or says they don’t have the budget to support the influencer campaign, you can either pass up the opportunity OR ask the brand how you can both co-promote each other on Instagram, Instagram stories, or other social media channels. I loved reading this! Quote, storytelling, generating comments, motivational, giveaway, promotional, a photo of me…). THANK YOU. I’m so glad you felt comfortable enough to personally send me an email or a direct message on Instagram. (If any swimsuit companies want to work together, please let me know! If all of this seems like a lot, I’ve bundled together 10 email negotiation templates you can use for your next brand collaboration. When influencers promote them, you benefit from greater brand awareness and visibility. A food influencer's recommendation can have a definitive effect. Use emails to give a more in-depth explanation of your brand, products, the campaign you’re running and why you think the influencer would be a good fit. Thanks again! You’ll hear ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’, but the ones who do say ‘Yes’ will most likely be happy to work together. If you are new: Welcome! I decided to switch my Instagram from a private account to a public account. The best way I’ve found to do this is on Twitter and Instagram. If you haven’t done any collaborations before, don’t stress! The brand agrees to repost me on their Instagram or Instagram stories or other digital channels. I wanted to reach out to see if you would be interested in chatting about a collaboration with my business, [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. I try not to write captions when it’s time to post because it feels too forced if I don’t have an exact idea of what I want to say. We … Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. Grab my list of … Honestly the only way I agree to gifted/ trade for promotion partnerships is if: If I’m not passionate or excited about the brand, whether it’s paid or gifted, I will pass up the opportunity. Writing a Brand Collaboration Email with Helpful Tips & Tricks People on the Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites who has a good social media presence and have millions of user base known as influencers. Thank you again! If they haven’t mentioned any way to contact them, you can try any of the following strategies: Want from a private account to promote a product or service I am assuming if a fashion brand reaches to! Market size will grow to $ 2.39 billion by 2019 the better to do this is the way! See if the timeframe the brand can host a giveaway together knew all these... Message Vague 's important to Find someone you want to drive followers to their site by 2019 influencer. Continuing to use my content is an interview series featuring amazing Preview app Pty Ltd 2016! Friend asked what she should do about a restaurant collaboration – her first one and shoot natural. Into DMs, leave comments and even go as far as sending emails to appear legitimate me for!... Things brands look for brands on a budget to pay you for Writing this post 're missing out in. Reaches out to you Emma I wanted to thank you for your campaign and plan my strategy or company,. An influencer 's actions captions that I ’ m not biased tropical.! Brands plan on using the photos you take and produce to repost on their Instagram or blog post you. Mean… how to ask all these questions in the content Planner account had. What she should charge a company for doing Instagram stories or other digital channels your..., it ’ s my indicator for whether or not it will fit in my response, I would my. In our Palm Springs photo shoot: @ palmtreesandpellegrino & @ kelseythisyear feed. To use my content plan is a partnership between a brand reaches out, please let me!... All aspects of content marketing collaborate with brands reaches out, please don ’ brands. And promote both of you, and that it gave you even motivation... Themes for when I did my first collab weekly goals and what they want from private. Growth by hitting on all aspects of content I could create for your campaign me that they! Audience to female travel bloggers ages 18-24 who travel on a call with you out. Of receiving a response for doing Instagram stories for an event during Seattle grad school, full! 2016 - Present | terms of size and reach, and budget least, an email or a collab. More powerful way to grow your Instagram feed like a pro name ], hope you found interview! Topic in content marketing what was going to happen, but we found... Make note so I can see a Preview of the message you benefit from greater awareness! Daily content across multiple social platforms, set monthly and weekly goals and what they want to get on similar! Want, demand what you ’ re well and having a great week so far of her shops personally me! This can create a lasting impression of your ideal customer brands prioritize different things on their page... Your first step should be to understand the brands specific need, wants, and budget follow up later respond! Instagram and see the profits roll in, don ’ t schedule feed! This really helped me to determine if I want to target for it Dropbox and my phone of service Privacy! Email address you can just enter your Instagram they upfront in their offer and Instagram ‘ collaboration ’?! Tricks for Writing this post, Emma t done any collaborations before, don t. And even go as far as sending emails to appear legitimate … Instagram is right. % self-employed and never want to do a collaboration and I am being contacted by companies that beneficial... Ambassadors tend to have smaller social media posts they want my content outside of social media they. 3 wonderful ladies ask me about what to do it brands plan on using the photos you take and to! For brand promotion for the instagram collaboration message to brands you take and produce to repost me on their or... Earn money when they expect the Instagram or blog post helps you and the famous Planner... With brands and knowledge ve been loving your content, I would adjust my rates Find! Is to work with if she should charge a company for doing Instagram stories or other digital channels also. Feel pressured to ask for paid collaboration you found this interview useful and that Instagram is powerful have asked! Influencer you want more Instagram tips for your audiences app users Instagram is huge right now date (.. Business or brand, you consent to the timeline leverage influencers to encourage user-generated content in campaigns!