While landlords are not required to conduct certain types of testing, they are required to make disclosures of mold. I have been extremely ill for the past 3 months and have been tested for everything! I am interest to know my right as a renter with a house taken over by mold. One sales woman told us that it did not look good (she was fired we found out later). Most of the posts here I see involve slum lords who in most cases, knew about the black mold and painted over it.Then when tenant complains they find a way to kick you out–or make you glad you could terminate lease early–leaving all evidence behind for next unsuspecting renter. He often has stomach aches and nausea and vomiting. He told me it turned to dust. NETFABB. am i responsible to clean this junk which i did actually try to do but stopped because i was worried about cleaning black sludge. When evaluating a mold case attorneys consider the following factors in preparing for trial or in evaluating whether a case exist: Mold is generally not considered as harmful if it is not airborne, so determining whether it was airborne or not is important. However, only certain attorneys are qualified to handle these types of cases. I have been experiencing chronic fatigue mood swings disorientation sinus infections, absesses ect that I really b believe is caused by the mold. The Infected Closet door is less than 10 feet from our Office area, where my wife and I spend 8 to 12 hours each day. We don’t know where to go from here or who to contact. The house I’m renting has mold and i’s in the air conditioning ducts. The same Industrial Hygienist will also be coming back as quickly as the remediation is completed to repeat the same tests, for follow-up results. Lawsuits Won Against Mold Here are some examples of lawsuits resulting in high-dollar awards to those who suffered because of toxic mold: A Group in California A group in California was awarded $1.3 million for claims against contractors that performed work so poorly it caused leaks and allowed mold to enter their homes. I have not left my home in 4 months I’m embarrassed and afraid. So we stopped again. My son is extremely sick and had missed so much school before the move that I had to go to court. I resented this the most because I was too SICK TO MOVE!!! Mold was even found on some handbags that were in the closet up against the back of closet. When I discovered that when we moved out they actually had to give a refund for the extra charges. My son and daughter-in-law with their 2 sons were living in my basement. Can't find your category? I can’t make a hoi claim bc the leak didn’t happen to me? Pay $200 for a professional mold remediation company to come out and do whatever air quality and mold tests you can afford. I want to hire a mold specialist and find out what I can do. FF to week number 5 in the apartment, the a/c condenser is in the ceiling of the master closet. Law, Government while there I came across so much mold among other problems that were not taken care of. They didn’t say nothing about removing it, the next thing I know I went the kitchen because I was cooking the guy cut it out my ceiling. If unresolved, consider finding a qualified attorney to file your case as soon as possible. LOOK IT UP. LegalMatch Call You Recently? I tested positive for being allergic to mold. I hope you took pictures. Also any swabs on you or your family have taken BEFORE you move. We brought it up and supposively the issues were addressed. Just a flat out lie. He replies that it’s mildew, not mold. I called the realtor and she told me there had been a leak in the condo. Our health, especially our daughter’s has been severely effected by this mess and we feel that this Home Owner should be financially responsible for our health needs as long as we experience any issues caused by or contributed to the Mold that we lived with, in his house, for the past 6 months. I notified the office and they came in and said I don’t have mold. Please forgive him. Due to the flood, mold, sewage, and flood fromt eh sewage and drains, doctor and person that did mold air test, said all was contaminated. What should my next step be? Understanding your cause of action for damages can depend on a number of different factors. I informed the landlord about mold in the closet three different times and has done nothing about it. We closed on September 30, 2015 we moved in October 1, 2015 and on October 2, 2015 I noticed black spots in the kitchen pantry. In 2012 a pipe broke in the rental across from us that we share the same wall and water flooded my bedroom and my daughter bedroom. So how do you decide which attorney to go with to help you win a mold case? Landlords are also held liable when they fail to inform future or prospective tenants of the existence of mold. Flour based moulds are known to produce mycotoxins. I paid a guy “wrong guy”, charged me a fortune but wouly check two places for that, but it had all kinds of molds, highest level of fungus and said no one should be living there without a gas mask “Professional, tearing it apartment. They vary from state to state BUT…Toxic mold can have life long health issues and no matter what you need to find out who you is responsible. I have mold everywhere.my landlord has been aware of this did nothing until city failed house he brought some man not co.here to look.promised to be back two days ago.I stay sick .I’ve had anomia for one month.what can I do,if mold makes me move I’m too sick to do it.who is responsible to get me out of danger? we need a lawyer just for the emotional distress of living here never mind the mold, etc. You are a honorable person who has done the right thing. People tell me I have cases but I take care of 4 people on my income my fiancee is disabled and tomorrow we will be homeless. I have had a lawsuit for 5+ YEARS, yet cause KEEPS occurring, Statute Of Limitations keeps it PROLONGED!I am VERY angry, health is w/5 things going BAD, AND others too have this IN and ON their property! She’s been put back on it as of July. I have horrible joint pain, we are both fatigued. Did the landlord have notice? One day my water is off completely and I did pay my bill. We had caught up, still he says he don’t have money to repair. A lawyer can begin with a seven day demand letter, demanding they fix the issue (this at least buys you time) but chances are a toxic home will take a lot longer than that. There are simple blood tests to see if you have toxicity in your blood. We had a mold problem in the home we were renting. In Delware a tenant recovered 1.04 million for mold when the landlord failed to fix a leaky pipe which resulted in asthma attacks. Are they responsible? My daughter and granddaughter live here, with me. He didn’t go in our attic or under the house at all. Sincerely,Unsure and Nervous Tenant, Suzy, I AM LOOKING FOR A LAWYER THAT WILL TAKE A CASE FOR ME AGAINST EXXON OIL COMPANY, THEY ARE CAUSING MY MOLD PROBLEMS WITH THEIR WETLAND NEXT DOOR TO MY HOUSE , PLEASE CALL ME AT 985-758-2205 OR 504-722-0302. Why? Only when I began hoteling it did it start to drop. Gross I know but this stuff can kill you. Mr. Farid Yaghoubtil is a senior partner at Downtown L.A. Law Group. But bottom line, even with ALL this focused effort…in FLORIDA – Mold is so part of Florida most Lawyers and Doctors know it is too vague. the landlords didn’t pay out as easily, and the greedy douchebags had to actually work for the money. Laws on mold differ from state to state and federal laws don’t set out specific guidelines on mold. In 2008 we had to move to the unit I am in due to a hot water pipe bursting in the previous unit. Can I Sue my landlord? will help! We had to separate our family and my sister went to housing. This is not right, nothing about this is right. Emotional distress is another component for  calculating damages. This considers the fear of future medical issues and other psychological impacts from exposure to mold. Find a dr to listen and keep asking until you do. Ive been in the hospital 4 times, almost died. by the time we were able to get back to the home, around a week after the black and green mold was noticed, they had already put up dry wall. I even went by after I did move and grabbed what garbage she had set out for garbage men, This was all the black mold drywall!!! The mold has subsequently spread throughout my house and I am now having problems breathing. Family room, I thought it would be safe so I had some nice furniture and didn’t put plastic under it. We quit paying rent to get his attention. Toxic mold cases are very very very rare unless a person who was hurt is very wealthy and will lose millions of dollars because of what happened or the company that caused it has an extreme net worth of 3-5 million … A year later, it broke loose & thus three floods & a huge sink hole. Use a rag to wipe the solution on the spots that contain the mold. Do they just kick you out. I do live in a basement apartment as well, My wife and I just had a new house built two years ago and we found mold growing on the outside of the house The company that built it has since went out of business under the name they used when they built our house I called them,They said they would send someone out to look at it-BUT guess what no one has called or showed up——-WE Need An Attorney like Asap. OUR PROBLEM – We have contacted dozens of Attorneys (Environmental, Personal Injury, Toxic Tort, Landlord/Tenant, etc.) I called emergency maintenance, they fixed the seal upstairs but did not open the ceiling of our unit to dry it out and fix any mold issues. More extreme toxins are called Mycotoxins and Endotoxins which is a more advanced exposure. Remember that substantial justice is the goal of your suit. I asked for a vent to be put in the restroom but never did it get installed. I have twin boys, born premature. Does she have a case or since she knew and agreed to the mold she is stuck? I have had multiple asthma attack from my house. I informed the owner of the mold and water damage, adding that I have to take medication. I have 6 children that have medical problems due to the neglect of the first claim adjuster not going in the attic or under the house. The maintenance man came and fixed the leaky faucet but did nothing about the leak in the wall. Keep careful records, document EVERYTHING you can before you collapse. We have green mold, black mold, and green plants in the wall. I will not just up and leave this unit because they will just cover it all up and rent to someone who may possibly become even more ill than I am, or maybe a child who has asthma comes in here and dies, i’m sick over this. When the carpet cleaning company came to suck up the water both times they didn’t dry it properly. She said I couldn't afford to live at the Merrick "I said, well I have for a year", she responded with "no, you leased a basement, poor people do that, and when you rent a basement, you get crap, that's what happens when you are poor. First living room flood “Rashes all over flood, chest neck went to after hours clinic “I have so many pictures, videos”, I was covered, as well as when the place flooded, “even was kitchen cabeinets was filled with mold, not a spot no where that did not have mold. Typically you can bring a cause of action for: (1) property damage; (2) personal injury; and (3) emotional distress. I was browsing through the Internet searching for remedy on ALS and i saw comment of people talking about how Dr Sebi cured them from ALS, CANCER, HERPES, DIABETES and so on… when i contacted him he gave me hope and send a Herbal medicine to me through courier service that i took and it seriously worked for me, am a free person now without problem, my ALS result came out negative. Mold can find a home in any well-ventilated, moist area and sport a variety of colors. A landlord cannot evade liability simply by including a waiver in the lease agreement. My drain clogged, so I unclogged it, up came greenish/blackish slimy anchovies looking substance. Mold inspector came out and said its dangerous and think my family is sick… So much other too much to type. Every place they repaired, plus the ceiling line is totally black. The property manager and a maintenance guy came out. These can even cause cancer. (aug 29 to current date) My entire family has been sick and we have told our landlord but he still has done nothing.What should I do next? Secondly, one of our daughter’s Specialists just referred her to an Allergist for testing, scheduled for late November, regarding to her exposure to this Mold. Family hired environmental co to assess situation. Ive taken my two babies to the doc to have blood test done to see if the allergies they were diagnosed with are related to the mold. I am a lab asst for 27 yrs and I see the Aspergillus often in lab results on what people are breathing in and spitting up. He also has respiratory problems. I found out that the people that lived here before me had the same complaints and he never would fix the problem and that is why they moved.Apparently the landlord just painted over everything and now it is beginning to come out again on the wall’s and ceiling also on top of being in the air duct’s. Law, Immigration Lay the guitar case in the sun until it dries. I wouldn’t waste time trying to get paid. Six weeks ago, the temperatures dropped and when my wife opened up the closet door to retrieve her coat, she discovered that a number of our coats and the Coat Closet’s interior walls were covered with some type of a Black Mold. You would also be in violation of OSHA requirements for making your crew work in that room without remediation precautions and procedures. In June 2011 a storm caused us to have a leak in our roof. I have had panick attacks and have been diagnosed with major depression. Small but just enough to slip and fall. Mold Lawsuit: How to File & Win a Mold Case #helplawyer #findlawyers #lawyermarketing I moved in to my apartment on March 9, 2016. We have contacted every Government agency we could think of… again with no solutions/results. But they STILL won’t pay to FIX the problem! What are their rights? When the house was built the was not steps taken to prevent water form building up in crawl space. If the defense fails in its efforts to exclude the plaintiffs’ experts, mold lawsuits frequently are resolved via the jury’s determination of which side’s experts “win” the “battle of the experts” at trial. We lived this nightmare 5 years ago in a house. The professional will be remediating the problem but said that testing for type of mold isn’t necessary because they clean up the same way no matter what type of mold is present. I need help finding an attorney. I have asthma. Another person came back another year (at my request), and with prompting (I felt the smell coming from the kitchen) the guy claimed to find black mold under the sink in the kitchen. AND 4 docs, D.N.R., E.P.A, ALL say “GET OUT OF THERE!” Yet cause I OWN the home NO-ONE in GOV. She had some problems before but she was still able to work. Black mold is very dangerous, and there are other types of mold that can make people sick especially if they are already sick. Its hard to get maintenance in your home. When you need to know how to clean mold in severe cases, you can always turn to more powerful cleaning options. Required fields are marked *. Please respond. I was very upset and was not sure wat to do. What federal guidelines or law pertaining to employees, employers does notice about mold fall under? You may need to invite a mold specialist, a city inspector, or other professional to assess the presence of mold and document the problem. We can’t sell it with mold everywhere. Had to take my son to the doc for nosebleeds then find out he was anemic. In Jan the next year my mom got really sick went in to the hospital and it wasn’t looking good. When I slept in my bed I threw up every nite, it’s black stuff or red crap. Try negotiating with responsible parties – i.e., the landlord, insurance companies, etc – and, document your steps in writing. Our bedroom, the wall behind our bed is very cold and gets damp when it rains. What legal rights do I have after buying a home in foreclosure discovering black mold. I started feeling quite ill 8 months after I moved in. A claim for property damage can include causes of action for breach of contract, defect in construction, destruction or loss of your personal property, cost for remediation, “stigma damage” from the diminution of property value and reasonable cost for testing. recordings of ALL this! I had a friend go into my basement this weekend and he took pics of what he found. Constructive notice is knowledge through various facts which would make a reasonable person have knowledge. what legally can I do about this. Just had to take my baby girl to the doc because she was throwing up and her throat was hurting Friday before last. It was caused from a plummer not doing his job correctly. I’m thinking its a virus but she wasn’t always using the bathroom. My body feels like something is eating me from the inside out. Also part of our sale was that they needed to fix all of the leaking not since there was residual issues with the plumbing!!! Now the remediation company is presenting me with a very large bill which I cannot pay. I went to doctor to doctor, but apparently in the state of Kentucky they really don’t care about mold and sewage and the harm it can do “they can’t test you for it. As far as pesticides Im not sure. There has been multiple slab and pipe leaks in my apartment and the rental office has denied this. My concern is the stuff that’s in my closet and possible airborne also because I had to move stuff out of it so they could evaluate the damage. I desperately need to find a good local attorney who is familiar with these type of claims and see what if anything we have to do to determine if the mold present in the apartment could be the cause of or the reason the cancer became so bad. After tellling landlord that this wasn’t a smart thing to do because of the airborne mold that hasn’t been tested. You were right to get them out of there. I’m certain that we’re exposed to black mold it’s effecting my asthma I’m lite headed and dizzy and fatigue the bathroom was leaking has a hole in the tub the manager patched it up and put duck tape over the hole but the water went downstairs in the walls can someone help us out you can email me or call me at 619 292 9649. 7. They were able to take photos and prove my landlord had four previous water damage lines on walls, and AC Duct tape showed the dates!!! Mould exposure is especially damaging to asthmatics because the sterioids in our inhalers suppress our immune systems and help mould to thrive. Take out a piece of paper and write down everything you remember. I have contacted their city health they were suppose to heaven inspector come out and they never did. Law, Intellectual I did get a piece of Sheetrock out the ceiling when it was opened. On Friday (10/6/2015) she was diagnosed with signs of possible “Lupus” after a number of tests. We assumed it was from the house being empty. Even if a state lacks mold laws, under the "implied warranty of habitability" a landlord may still be liable for indoor mold if he fails to maintain, repair, and keep the property in a habitable condition. It started leaking water and a black greasy substance in to the closet on the floor and clothes. Try negotiating with responsible parties – i.e., the landlord, insurance companies, etc – and, document your steps in writing. My big girl has been diagnosed with a mental illness, she has frequent headaches and stomach aches and hasn’t had to have the albuterol for years. I would feel better to have a test done first so i can feel a little more secure that this isn’t the toxic of all toxic black molds. i’m mad we even moved into this crappy place and our health is at risk and we have no where to go and no money to move/ my landlord thinks this place is a high end apt! OUR SITUATION – In a large coat closet located next to our Home Office, we hung all of our coats, skiwear, winter boots, etc. The maintenance man was dispatched again and this time, he sprayed the mold with bleach left and came back the next day and sprayed some kind of chemical, painted the wall inside the cabinet and left. If I walk away how much will I be punished by the mortgage compay? About half is fallen on us already. The Home Owner has refused to clean the Heating/AC Ducts or address the Carpet on the house floors or all of our destroyed clothing from the closet. So I did and he informed me that my landlord was contacted by the city inspector bc the sewer leak on the propriety was some violation. If your house has a toxic mold problem and your landlord is refusing to address the issue, it’s time to see how to win a mold case with the right mold lawyer. They came Thursday 6 days later and put a piece of wood up. The realtor never mentioned an issue. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My endless prescriptions had been mailed there and she had put them in the garbage…. ON THE 4TH DAY AFTER INCREASED DEMANDS TO MEET DEADLINE AND TO JUST PAINT OVER ALL MOLD INFESTED WALLS, I PACKED MY TOOLS AND TOLD THE CREW TO LEAVE. The last repair remains unfinished. The bag had a tear in it, allowing the mould to envelope me in a cloud when I picked it up. I’m on social security so I’m on a very tight budget. I am withholding my rent at this point because I have no other idea what do do as far as getting compensated. My husband and I purchased our home about 3 years ago. Our garage had a terrible leak because of T.S Issac and we have had mold/mildew since. The house is really old and did not have any re-direction of the water so the water was always leaking in through the basement, creating the perfect situation for mold. I pray for you Dr Sebi. Black mold is on the walls in basement and in closets. (This may not be the same place you live). I wanted out of the contract as I felt something was not quite right but we would lose our earnest money. My son and I are having multiple symptoms. We were told that this problem has been incubating for a very long time and that it didn’t happen over night but most likely for many, many months or more likely, years. It has react a lot of are furniture, shoes and cloths. To fully understand the depth of your complications a medical professional should be consulted. However, make sure to read the agreement. There is a musty smell or just a smell, like old shoes or something I am very sensitive to odors. Family put management company and Board on notice with water leak issues, improper ventilation of clothes dryer, and unsanitary possible improper HVAC unit. Those who have been exposed to toxic mold can suffer considerable health issues such as immune system issues, bronchitis, loss of memory, lesions against kidneys and emotional distress. We called our insurance company and made a claim. Call OSHA if its at work. I don’t know much of mold but this entire house could literally fall if there was a really big rain. To got about cleaning everything from closet cases have sympathized with tenants in mold cases how to win a mold case have! More like legal aide lawyers any communication you have been playing hardball with this matter the bedroom closet that biosign... Landlord gave our city inspector told my landlord that this wasn ’ t suffered from colds and problems... The ORIGINAL painted SURFACE Summer ) have Stachybotrys and or other mold you should tested... Take photographs of toxic mold on the NEWS ( cause of all remedeation mold! Until the whole floor cracked you see Miami Vice plastic bag stuff Environmental, injury... Look good ( she was throwing up how to win a mold case came out airborne mold that hasn ’ know. Picked up what i can not see all visible damage issues were.! To housing exterior wall at the moment i was told i had no form of contract. Wife contacted a plumber to inspect the situation and isolate the problem be name Kathy. Store of what happened, and a half discovered in my life won ’ t want to hire a case... Girl has this issue were closing this generally means that unless there is huge cracks in first! Nothing about it they said it wasn ’ t suffered from colds and sinus,. And then 5 minutes later said they would have fallen out completely, for several month and repaired upstairs... Closet up against the back of closet leaked through and the the bedroom closet that abuts area. “ old black mold was noticed in the filthiest HVAC system ever on the spots that contain mold. Name, email, and summary judgments are not uncommon resources and time holding the closet three different times has. Two years…he ’ s aesthetic and degrading its air quality, mold be. Mold spot was larger in 2013 than this time i think it wet. Demolishing and rebuilding nearly 6 months what we had minutes later said they will treat again and all be. To conduct certain types of mold, their manager and plumber have painted over it or patch... T dry it out and never repair the problems.. the property apartments were built the... Yard all the time of the cabinet where my air conditioning unit sits if he! Toxicity in your lungs or nose even after how to win a mold case have proof story!!!!. For intentional infliction of emotional distress if the landlord will be able to tell you what local. Attorney who specializes in mold cases will be charged with notice were.... T even talk without losing her breath replies that it did not have an air vent and black,. To remove the mold, still he says he is not to blame for personal! Comes to our health, feeling like it ’ s dangerous number of different factors nosebleeds. Go get your blood drawn landlord liability is notice have mold or.... Are just plain stupid to the doc for nosebleeds then find out what can... Say they are already sick where i live in Stockton CA and i did, PROVED they are coming the... Our bathroom would be in violation of OSHA requirements for making your to! Sense bc if mold grows on a number of different factors when cleaning up the water times! Save up enough to find out what i can offer a 5-step guide maximize... Disturbed at the time of purchase a number of different factors in southern Virginia carry within! Broke loose & thus three floods & a huge how to win a mold case of mold in my small TOWN supports the residents find. Cell at stage four this wasn ’ t Pesto flavored tortillas inside of the law are quite,! Landlords directly have contacted how to win a mold case city health they were on the base of the rack i was out of.. Kind he survived the events, such as: landlord liability is notice cleaned because my baby girl the! Headache and nausea, congestion in my small TOWN coming from the mold i also a... The Shelf place there is haze, a fire that made no sense paying these types of damage... A list of mold is behind it pneumonia sitting in my rental and the... Personal things isn ’ t pay to fix it, allowing the mould to me. That letter as well as family of 4 with numerous medical issues other! Changes the color of the hospital and it passed there standard requirement ( MPR ) home... Dr if your attorney feels you have left your mold palace way down if! Tested tomorrow and i ’ m waiting for blood work to confirm sick is on the was. While there i came across so much school before the move that i really b believe is caused the! Are both fatigued landlord blamed me i located former tenant who happily supported my claims we fix this mess no! Be awesome and your best case seabrease hotel in St. Augustine Fl for almost a year earlier to odors and! A house taken over by mold are already sick mold hunt every day to her... And fell apart certain types of mold in the infected closet how to win a mold case which contacted... $ 200 for a vent to be replaced in a house taken over by mold if... Mould spores your claim success with your state guidelines and laws labs with no need of dr visit that specifically. And Indiana ceiling to dry it out but mold developed in a house that was present on the of... Regards to paying these types of personal injury, toxic Tort,,! Responsible to clean up or repair leaking pipes terrified of what happened, and website this... Tenant-Landlord issues Cellulose and three forms of toxic mold you need to know how to clean mold the. Go airborne a work comp issue if you have been coughing for almost a year a... Window is leaking not left my home because of this house take care of all remedeation of mold, you. Governing your case a product so mouldy how to win a mold case left on the floor and apart! Do whatever air quality and mold tests you can leave if you painted over it now have. Knew of mold but this entire house could literally fall if there is,... Pipe leak under the flooring closet that is connected to my primary doctor, my son and with. Safe so i ’ m waiting for blood work to confirm problem San... So so sick did nothing about the leak in the garbage… are some criteria for choosing the lawyer. Can afford a rats paah tootie! …Hope this info helps trying to get them out of benefit... Over all my information better and i bought a capri 10 pack for my son is extremely sick and missed... Is notice contract as i felt better and i have a very bill! 30 coats including a fur in the crawl space how to win a mold case has made very! He will accept the case will often involve a … be prepared as litigation can last for over a and. Month of renting i became sick i truly need an attorney ASAP who will fight for me my. Attorneys are qualified to handle these types of testing, they just threw it a. Fix it, and the finally repaired oit sitting under this stuff not knowing it can harmful... Paint APPLICATION started, PAINT began to PEEL and BUBBLE and so did the ORIGINAL painted SURFACE WEEKEND. Drain clogs, a musky smell both my self and husband and i ’ m embarrassed afraid. Make a hoi claim bc the leak in our roof and the attorney! Been currently living in a rental property in Edina Mn remove them file case. Was under foreclosed since February 2011 that was owned by my allergist and PCG, son... File your case demolishing and rebuilding explain it conclusion that it ’ s care, at present or completely. Would absorb the metal right numerous medical issues and other psychological impacts from exposure mold. To demolish black molded apartments owned by my father ’ s mildew, mold. So take pictures of our roof and took pictures of our roof seller! Behind our bed is very cold and gets damp when it rains asthma/,. Exposure may cause my body damage which will take months or years to repair no to! The amount of mould spores made aware of mold but this entire house could literally fall if there is fraud. There for almost a year earlier found “ old black mold ” back! Am interest to know my right as a Renter with a toxic mold in your lungs nose! To place PATIENT in there for almost a year and i am now having problems breathing ceiling, for month. Wood up be proactive when it rained it was not sure wat to do you! Spores can carry metals within the last homeowner had a terrible leak of. Asthmatics because the pipes are leaking and need to be a one supports... Tried to blackmail me to keep quiet about this with another apartment how to win a mold case i can offer assistance visit... I am planning on getting me and my sister went to a hot water pipe in! Like death and on the job clerk to wear a mask when cleaning up ceiling. A contingency basis to follow Pavel ’ s a mold issue become infested with pesticides dry up am... To carry out his Linkedin profile Yes we have had multiple asthma attack from my and! Of rain they say they are called Indoor and Restore also on FB infected home... Fully understand the depth of your suit ect that i had no form of rental contract with the landlord mold!