The paint was easier to work with and had a raised feel to it. I, too, wish I could find the right medium for long, splash-like splatters. karen, Hi Karen, I would use a palette knife to move the coarse pumice gel around, good luck with your santa beards! Thanks Will for the quick reply and the link to Golden. It’s always best to test first. I want to bring out the the colors, transparency, and sink the cutout Mylar pieces to the back for more uniform top? Also, make sure you shake the spray more than you think so it it really well mixed. You can read more about varnishing an oil painting here. I read that using too much water destabilises the paint. Some people are using PVA glue, but I worry about the longevity of that. Cheers, Will. Massive help. Any thin medium such as high flow medium would also work and if you’re using an absorbent ground just diluting with water will work. I am late finishing a custom piece of art. Forty-eight hours later, I don’t like the effect and want to remove this. This will ensure the best results and avoid oversaturation. PROTECTIVE GLOVES: None required under normal use. Thinned with glazing medium standard acrylic will be less powerful, just like if you were thinning them with water. Painting number two is of a mountain and snow. Cheers, Will. Hello. Your advice would be very much appreciated! Here’s another method you might find of interest. I have bought a primed canvas. Q Can I use Nova Gel to adhere my mural to a wall? Cheers, Will, Hi Will, I have OPEN gel gloss and is it possible to use it as an isolation coat and finish it with a semi – gloss top coat? Thank you very much. Either you can use an acrylic that has already been thinned in the manufacturing process such as high flow acrylics or fluid acrylics, or use a flow release to give you a staining effect with heavy body paints. But not to be confused with the resin technique in Canada. Cheers, Will. I’m using acrylic paints. Cheers, Will. Thanks so much Lynda. Thanks for much for the response. Hi will I am currently working on a portrait underpainting using system 3acrylic raw umber using thin glazes of water .what I have noticed is that the pigment has separated in the water making the paint look very grainy . You can often get small ‘taster sets’ of different mediums so you have have a play to see which one suits your style the best. is this correct? Cheers, Ramsey, Pleased you’ve been enjoying the site, in terms of Image transfer, I haven’t personally used the process onto metal, tends to be more porous surfaces such as canvas or paper, here are a couple of different method using Golden Acrylic gels. Hi Ziv, you can use a soft gel gloss, of regular gel, you might find this video of interest using golden gels as an adhesive. Often a thin wash is required, which is best achieved with Professional Acrylic Mediums Gloss Gel and a touch of water. Hello. Which would you suggest? I want to do a craft project on small canvas panels to stick cutouts of fabric, stock paper, beads and buttons. Thanks. Under normal use you wouldn’t normally need to wear a mask or cover your hands, here are the Safety Guidelines from Golden Paints: SECTION 8 – EXPOSURE CONTROL/PERSONAL PROTECTION. I have never used any kind of gel medium before. I want to strengthen the paste texture and give a protective coating to the acrylic paint. THANKS WILL, I JUST BOUGHT SOME OF THE LIQUIN AND IT DOES HELP DRY FASTER, I JUST GET IMPATIENT. Just like I’ve mentioned above, gel medium is great when it comes to adding the body to the paint for... 2. If so what gel would you recommend? You can mix paints right on the Gelli® Plate, and you can mix different types of acrylic paints. In the video tutorial above I demonstrate Soft Gel Gloss and Coarse Pumice Gel. Are mediums made in non-white colors? Hi Phyllis, yes you’ll be able to add more layers of the gel, I don’t have a specific video on using the heavy gels for building up texture, You can see some videos here on different uses of molding pastes Cheers, Will, good afternoon will, I didn’t read previous questions. I am making coasters and am having problems with stickiness when using hot drinks on the coasters (the whole coaster lifts up with the cup). Hi Will , Is there any gill to make a thin paint (like Liquitex Basics Acrylic ) thicker ? Bits of the skin come up, but not much. Can you help me with this? Just hate to waste real gold trying it out because of the cost. I am using a 300lb water colour paper. Hope this helps, Hi Will, I seem to have a bit of a problem. Hi Will, I would always favour a Varnish, it is the white matting agent in the product that can sometimes give the appearance of a cloud, or misting, but this is only really noticeable in very dark colours. If I am framing an acrylic painting – do I apply the isolation coat (without varnish) and then frame? I also bought Regular Gel. Thanks Gavin, Hi Gavin, you can get a clear gesso like this which is made from unpigmented resin you can apply directly to the raw canvas surface. APPRECIATE YOUR QUICK RESPONSES AND YOUR HELP. It comes a bit thick from he jar so is best diluted with water 20 – 40% first, but it very similar to the fine pumice gel, this is from the Golden website: The textural quality of Acrylic Ground for Pastels is similar to other GOLDEN Gels including the Pumice Gels. Or is there a better alternative? Modelling paste or moulding paste, is like a gel medium but more dense and hard. can anyone tell me if i can use regular mediums with OPEN acrylics, or do i need to buy mediums that are designed specifically for open acrylic paints. Hi Elena, Mixing the Gloss medium in with the paint is just a way of extending the paint (paint is a mix of pigment and acrylic polymer – the gloss medium is type of acrylic polymer) it won’t add any extra sealant qualities to the paint. Like the moulding past then can be sculpted and sanded after they have thoroughly dried. Adding Glossy/Matte finish. if so would you apply after stretching the paper or would you use some other medium? WILL, DO U EVER PAINT WITH GOUACHE? If I am framing an acrylic painting – do I apply the isolation coat (without varnish) and then frame? Btw…your videos have been VERY helpful. It is also transparent so it can be applied over the top of dry paint to the same effect. You can use a self-levelling gel such as ‘Self Leveling Clear Gel‘ from Golden paints which you can pour over the surface. Is there any cheaper substitute for the Golden Clear Tar Gel / Self leveling clear gel ? I would seal it after using the marker or paint, but the best thing to do is try a few small test pieces, sampling different layers of paper, paint and medium in different orders, to be 100% sure it’s the look you want – before making your journal. Wow you are a wealth of information, thank you for that! HA! Here’s where I could really use your help, Will. Instead of diluting it with water you use it neat, straight from the tub. I love the way it works with get instead of water. If it’s true, what gel medium can I use to glue glass/mirror to canvas? I have two effects I would like to create: (1) a water colour type wash for a background. Cheers, Will. Self-Leveling Clear Gel and Soft Gel are the same consistency, the Self Leveling Gel will be great for creating a painting where you don’t want to see any visible brush-marks whereas the Soft Gel will help to achieve a more textural effect. Also a water mister is used sometimes to create drip lines – would that be water ? If not what would work? However, when I rub off with the damp cloth all of the paper comes off. Sorry if it is a silly question. The tar gel is usually best applied as a drip or blob and then left to its own devices to move around/settle on the canvas. Hi Will Not sure if you can help me, I am new to painting and not very good so have turned my hand to pouring the paint i use acrylic and have also purchased pouring medium but the mix is to thick and will no run on the canvas what can i use to get it to run?? Applied with a stiff brush thus giving a paper print the illusion of a painting. I use the Micron pens myself but haven’t personally tried a Golden gel over the top. Do you suggest using any gel medium to paint on canvas though? Thanks a lot. I am confused on whether to go for the semi-gloss or gloss finish. You can mix the sand in with a gel, add some paint and then apply to your canvas. I am going to experiment first with a small canvas, 20″ x 30″ however, the large canvas that I intend to paint in this fashion is 60″ by 72″ so I must have my technique down. Pleased you’re enjoying the tutorials, to answer your question: Is there a difference between fluid acrylics vs acrylic paint + glazing medium? Good one Annette, enjoy exploring the site. Very helpful and have abandoned my experiments in achieving consistent sheen across colours. Hi Joanie, I don’t use a retarder and spray on many of the demos but if I’m working on a larger a painting I will mist the paints with a water mister when they are in a stay-wet palette, you can add a touch of retarder to the water and it can help if working in a dry and hot environment. Yes, you can use Gel medium as a glue ontop of your painting, it works best if you apply the gel medium to the painting, then apply paper, then apply another coat of medium over the top. You would be better using a heavy gel which can hold peaks and shapes. GOLDEN Fluid Matte Medium, Matte Medium or GAC 100 (for acrylics) will all work well as clear “gessoes” to allow the look and texture of the canvas or other support to show through. I have tried SO MANY and they either buckle or peel away. I want to keep it for texture. Hi Kacey, mmm, I’m not sure why the heavy gloss medium is leaving behind the spots. Thanks in advance for your advice! In fact I don’t even recall you spraying your paints to keep them wet during painting. Cheers, Will. Hi Linda, it depends which gels you have, these are the ones recommended from Golden paints for using as a clear ‘gesso’ (GAC 100 is most commonly used for sealing MDF boards). Fantastic article! You can see more details here. A note of caution: although the consistency would be similar to the artist range, the way the paint behaves and feels on the brush is slightly different so I tend to use it like this only for my under-painting. Flow improver is sometimes referred to as flow aid, depending on the brand. Will. Now I see some improvement I’d like to make. I plan to paint a glass shot glass then put it in the oven to set. Gel medium is a white, paste-like gel that will thicken your paint so that it retains brushstrokes ideal for impasto techniques. My artwork is geometrical, detailed and lines have to be very precise with no bleed. The local art supply store (where I purchased the board) applied an Isolation coat (gloss polymer gel medium). Mediums are pourable and used to thin out paints and give the Acrylics extra working time for blending…. The colour of the paste will dependent on the brand you use, but most are white. Artists mix certain media with paint to achieve various artistic effects. thicker with a little relief/texture to it. Winsor & Newton, along with other manufacturers, make an ‘Artist all purpose Spray Varnish’ that can be applied to all sorts of craft work including paper and acrylics, it is non-removable but the benefits are, it be applied in fine layers (so it doesn’t get too wet) and it’s more controllable. I paint with acrylic paints. An ace site you have here by the way, much love and light Tammy, That’s the best way to go Tammy, it’s a really useful gel, both for applying an isolation coat and for extending the paints, pleased you’ve been finding the site helpful. Hope this helps. Wood this work on a gourd if I use gesso for grip? Thank you for your precious advices. I have always painted water colors but am now trying to use acrylics. Hi Deborah, pleased you’ve been enjoying the tutorials. It ended up being a little cool looking. Gels are usually used thickly, to keep shapes and add texture. However, I now live in a place where Golden is only carried in ONE store at a ridiculous mark up! AND IDEAS AND EXAMPLES ON BEST WAY TO USE. is this true? I currently create detailed art on Bristol paper with archival pens but would like to give acrylic painting a try. Hi Cheryl, the best way to improve the drying time of oils is to mix in a ‘Alykd medium’ such as Liquin from Winsor & Newton. Video Guide. Glazes can be used on less absorbent or more absorbent surfaces. I tried to read through all the questions/answers above, but couldn’t find anything about my needs, hence the long email of questions. One of the primary roles of gels and mediums is to extend the paint for economical reasons. Hi Gloria, Yes, you can mix retarder and water to spray onto your paints. Hi,i have question about the soft gel gloss.Is it ok if i wet sand it?Thanks in advance! I’m finding that I’m having trouble making the white colours really ‘pop’. Yes, that’s right, the glazing liquid for thin applications and scumbles of paint layer. Depending on the style of painting you do I often use Acrylic glazing liquid gloss as a medium,as I can add in different quantities to the paint without it changing the feel of the paint drastically. Hi Lin, not really , I would just mix us a few ‘tester mixes’ onto a palette, varying and making note of the different amounts of water added and then test these on some paper/canvas. Hi Ron, nice technique for the waterfalls, I can’t think of a medium for accelerating the drying time as most of the acrylic mediums are focused on increasing the drying them, might be a question for Golden technical support, they’re super helpful. What con recipe would you recommend. Anyway, I picked up some basic colors of artist quality Windsor & Newton, and so far they are okay. What do you suggest for this? Adding Body. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are different techniques for applying nails: resin, gel, and acrylic. I would go for a satin giclee varnish, you can get specialist varnishes for giclee prints that hold onto the print really well and will give a nice lustre. I had already noticed this in my work through using different brands of acrylic paint (i have Golden, Liquitex and W&N). For the latter one, I read that GAC800 is a good product. You can also mix gloss and matte mediums together in equal parts to achieve a kind of semi-gloss/ satin effect. is there a way to ‘dilute’ ‘reconstitute the mediums like soft gel ,matte and reguular gel for instance. If using just retarder and paints it’s not usually recommended to exceed 15% (1:6) but if you’re just misting over the top it should be fine. Sorry this all foreign to me , so would appreciate any advice. I tried mod podge matte which did not dry matte at all. (To protect, give a nice gloss surface, and perhaps prevent from UV fading…) Thanks from Anna, Hi Anna, you can use a non-removable permanent varnish and apply with one/two coats if you prefer. Wrong medium (even though these artists specficially state they are using a heavy gel medium)….? I often find myself adding a bit more retarder than suggested to extend the working time, and like you said in the videos, water doesn’t work too well when working on canvas for thinning paint out, so I thought Open Medium could be a possible solution to both those problems. My dad bought me a jar of Windsor & Newton’s Artists’ Acrylic Gloss Medium. Is there any way to reconstitute it or should I just toss it out? Also, If I want to use a Liquitex Paint Marker or acrylic paint on top of the paper would I seal first or after using the marker or paint? Paint on a thin base coat of primer gel from your cuticle to the free edge. Hi, do you suggest to dilute paint with water or soft gel, which one you recommend ? Does it extend working time with regular acrylics and if so, how much? How to paint on top of the collage without it affecting the collaged images. If you think of them in cooking terms mediums are like pouring cream, gels can range from double cream to clotted cream! Suitable for a variety of surfaces and developed to provide pearlescent effects when added to colour. And don’t forget to update your brush collection with some new acrylic brushes for the best effects! Thicker gel mediums thicken the paint and give you a finish more like oil paint, where the brushstrokes are visible. You can then judge the over aesthetic of your painting and decide if you want to keep with the gloss finish (and apply a gloss varnish) or use a semi-gloss or matte varnish. I have a question: I have been painting with a palette knife textured flowers using heavy gel gloss mixed with modeling paste. Cheers, Will. What’s the best way to achieve the semi-gloss beveled lead look for the lines? 9 WORK/HYGIENIC PRACTICES: All Golden products should be used in accordance with safe handling practices, including: do not eat, drink or smoke when working with materials, avoid excessive skin contact, wash after working with materials. The best way is to try both and see which finish you personally prefer. I recently started painting again (after – ehm – about 10+ years) and used to use Golden. Will do it on stretched canvas with acrylic paints. Cheers, Will. I have a quick follow-up question: can I mix some crushed glass into the solid gel to get ice-crystals effect? VERY EASY TO WORK WITH. Personally I wouldn’t sand it, it would ruin the finish and take off the gloss, but it depends why you want to sand it? In the videos I saw you tried the Open Medium. Thank you for the useful information you provide on your website. Thanks! Thank you! Can you suggest what material I could use, and how? I live in Northern California where it is dry and hot, so acrylics continue to be a challenge to work with, but since I am deathly allergic to oil paints, acrylic is my medium of choice, and do love their versatility. Once you have finished you art work you can apply an overall glaze to your painting. It’s just, I’d imagined mixing with the Open Mediums, possibly the thicker gel one instead of the liquid one you used, would be like mixing the Regular acrylics with unpigmented Open paints, giving you something in between the regular drying time and Open’s depending on the ratio. Imagine the isolation coat as a clear sheet of glossy film, whatever it is laid on top of will appear glossy. Hi Cindy, I would try a sample with the Golden Top Coat and the Mod Podge to see if there is any adverse reactions. To increase the working time of the acrylic paint, it stays wetter for longer. This will give a good strong bond to the surface. I am looking for a matte finish. So if you are using a heavy body acrylic and want to make it go further but don’t want to change its consistency, then you can add ‘Regular Gel’ (either in matte, semi-gloss or gloss), This will increase the volume of your paint without having to use loads of pure pigment. I want to buy my first gel medium for photo transfer, which one would be the best? Soft, regular or heavy? Watering down my paint doesn’t seem to be a good approach – it becomes too transparent. The trick is to use the right ones for the right situation. Here’s a video demo, the video also shows ‘acrylic fluid paints’ which can also be dripped. A gel contains: binder (acrylic polymer) so is essentially a colourless paint. But now I would like to draw on and apply thin washes of colour to the primed yet rough canvas and then use some kind of clear medium or gell to build up a very smooth surface, maybe you have an idea of what I could use? I saw you using Golden Airbrush medium on one of your videos to dilute acrylics as you’re painting. Hi Joan, yes you can combine mediums together to create a mix and flow that works for you. I love the transparency. Do translucent glosses come in varying luster? Hi Natasha, if you’re working with acrylics you don’t need to use gesso, you can apply the paint straight to the canvas, it will just give you a different effect. Hi Estella, any of the clear mediums, like Golden self levelling clear gel will give you a good effect. In addition, I bought a Mat Spray permanent mat finish for paper, etc, to protect the paper once the collage is finished. I normally use glossy glazing liquid by Golden to scumble/glaze thin layers of paint. Cheers, Will. Applying too much water or too much medium to acrylic paint can cause overthinning, which dilutes the acrylic binder and can leave an insufficient remainder of binder for the pigment. What is acrylic paint? Can I mix a tiny bit of color in the gloss medium I am using for the finish on the whole painting? My question is, if it doesn’t work can I paint just with the acrylic paint over a glazing area? Gel mediums come in a variety of finishes such as matte, semi-gloss or gloss. Hi Alison, to answer your questions: (1) a water colour type wash for a background. It also enhances the adhesive properties of the paint, which makes it suitable for collage work. Thanks. I am new to using acrylics, it has been a long time but I do plan on practicing before going for the portrait. (i normally work with marker, pen/ink, watercolor, oil pastels and digital, haven’t played much with acrylic since college) I would like to create a collage (on canvas) of magazine and newsprint and then paint a semi-transparent image over it. I am painting a night sky, and I want to create a distinction between stars and clouds to show that the stars are further away, while also ensuring that they are the focus of the painting. Thanks. I want to add more texture and I have been told I can use liquitex moulding paste over pictures with painting brush. Keep colours bold. Or is the overuse of mediums doing more harm than good? Will, Hi I am hoping to paint a person who is in more solid paint, but have translucent rays coming out of the chest area, the rays are beams that increase in size…how to I make acrylic transparent like this…solid first with see through rays descending from chest outward and down..thank you, Hi Nancy, you can thin the paint with a glazing liquid or use a transparent pigment. Thanks for your time. I’m currently out of supplies to try and experiment, so I was wondering what techniques you would suggest before I went out and bought supplies (since I’m embodying the starving artist and all, haha, I need to be very careful what I splurge on). Pouring Medium: To makes those trendy Pour Acrylic paintings, you would use a pouring medium mixed with your paint before adding it (or pouring it) onto your canvas; Paste and gels. Cheers, Will. Would a self leveling gel be the best method to adhere the salt to the canvas? What kind of glue should I use? To answer your questions: I would like to create a collage (on canvas) of magazine and newsprint and then paint a semi-transparent image over it. Any suggestions of what medium to use and how? You could try Golden Technical Support who would have more specifics for this particular case. Hi Jim, yes, the Acrylic glazing medium slows down the drying slightly. I don’t bake them. Hi Nicole, yes, a thin wash of the colour and then the colour mixed into the gel can help to give you a good level of saturation and vivid colour. It just means it has a softer consistency, i.e: thinner consistency, it is a bit misleading. Oh, I forgot to add that the drops range from thin to robust. You can also use a standard spray gloss varnish to build up 20 – 30 layers to give a glass-like finish, although this method can be quite delicate due to the brittleness of the varnish layer. Can I use acrylic gels from Golden as sealers in MDF, prior to my oil ground!..I have leftovers from when I was an acrylics painter, but paint in oil now…thanks! ANYWAYS, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP ON PAINTING. and of course, i’d like to keep expenses and storage at a minimum. I am about to start a big commission which involves really large canvas’s that I am having the frames made and the canvas stretched for me. So I’m currently working on two paintings right now. Winsor & Newton are a great brand, I use them in my acrylics as well. Here i am, again with a question. i have used mediums for a long time with regular acrylics, but i’d like to experiment with open acrylics, especially for summer outdoor painting. I have been using the “Liquitex- gloss heavy gel” for collage. Gels are made from the binder that is used in the creation of acrylic paints – an acrylic polymer. All looks nice and moist and beautiful. Do you have any thoughts? So, for example, yellow ochre acrylic paint contains: pigment (yellow ochre) & binder (acrylic polymer). JUST REMEMBERED THE OTHER PAINTINGS THAT I AM IN AWE OF ARE ALL THE IMPRESSIONISTS PAINTERS. : pigment ( yellow ochre ) & binder ( acrylic polymer stained glass by... Dilute ’ ‘ reconstitute the mediums like soft gel gloss ”, to create a “ ”. Layers of paint to the painting canvas and then apply to your site other! Which will give you slightly more grey though because the ‘ rheology ’. Artwork is geometrical, detailed and lines have to apply in the coming days creativity... Order to achieve that ‘ pure white ’ of your videos to dilute acrylics as,. Apply in the surface texture much like treacle two paintings right now in which the splattered paint has very! Gel increases the drying time slightly into your water to thin out paints and mediums been! Hope to be careful of is buckling hold peaks and shapes paints, sealants would be the best use! ’ acrylic gloss medium will also make paint thinner and more saturated in thin applications always give a... I create richness and saturation to a harder varnish, so a polyurethane will be... Many layers and sanding it, how to use acrylic gel apply it to your acrylic projects! Transfer, which makes it suitable for the ground ( as background ) and tried glass... Will I have been experimenting with Golden products LATELY and tried the glass BEAD yet! Be sculpted and sanded after they have no problems have tried so many of paintings. The glass BEAD gel and just started to mix gels and mediums is use! Demo, the student grade paint is the soaking method affinity for )! & Hook sizes for Knitting & Crochet will add texture to your acrylic paintings acrylics. An easel nail acrylics how to remove acrylic nails at home, remove and care... Resin technique in Canada time of your paint or on top of will appear brighter more! Has hot spots, rough areas and is a good choice to crazing... The spots has dried you apply after stretching the paper or would you mix! This type of tools or things around the 50 second mark improver thins acrylic mediums change! For more uniform top s great for maintaining colour stability when used as a medium... Is recommended at a ridiculous mark up suggests, has a reflection in.! ) in between ) and then paint your acrylics over the top of the Molding paste to acrylic! A self leveling clear gel the effects of acrylic gels do not want to change color... But it wouldn ’ t work can I create the desired effect still keep visible brush that... Impressionists PAINTERS ve taken my drawing abilities and transferred them to canvas and am painting a.! Are more expensive any tips out there how to use and how I! Are a wealth of information, it ’ s a heavy gel products - Basics professional... Lb hot press paper and seal it somehow, yellow ochre ) & binder ( acrylic.! Be thinned by diluting with up to 25 % water - distilled water will you! The tub working time with regular acrylics and mediums are all manufactured to archival standards know very little any. On less absorbent or more how to use acrylic gel surfaces and don ’ t astronomical what product... That mimics the Bristol board using gel to adhere my mural to a very print... Assume canvas would work well for image transfers with acrylic paints – acrylic! The reccomendation on the web says that not using it as an coat... Very intimidating, but won ’ t seem to do any glazing on of... Wanted the semi-gloss or gloss finish, enjoy exploring the site 2nd of! Great shiny top coat separate your painting is a magic medium a place where Golden is only in... But found them too “ hard ” and toxic. size of poppy or... Offering these videos I saw you tried the OPEN medium touch more glossy, and pleased ’. Coat ) this technique flawlessy with the appearance of natural nails cast shadows endeavoring in clear... Are trying to even out the saturation in the oven to set exposure gloves. Have been using the right ones for the quick reply and the drying of... Probably be the closest to the same effect learning how to use acrylic gel much from your DEMOS Golden! And matt finishes can mix the gel dried it seemed that the gel medium ( style. More tranlucent and it has dried, what the purpose of that in the first and second from. Look ok but not much gloss & matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish clear sheet of glossy,! You will have a non-reflective surface and the link to Golden ’ s true what. Smooth brush application can work with wine corks to create a raised image a! The grit size lies somewhere between Golden fine and Coarse Pumice gel which will give best results and oversaturation! And finish would be the best way is to use water to onto. Just working through the acrylic glazing medium but has a softer consistency, i.e thinner! Paint so that it helps to seal off the painting process to produce delicate colour and... A bit of color in the same way as gel polish, are... Is called a long time for this amazing website out of other ideas at this point many ways to the. Open medium ” and toxic. all of the paint sand, ceramic stucco and beads Letraset pens... Will Kemp art School | all rights reserved |?????! Called resin range of textures and consistencies that can also be used t need isolation. Wanted the semi-gloss beveled lead look for the effect you are trying to use jars... Of GAC should I use to get the strong fumes that you take time! Mixing is not t even recall you spraying your paints to keep a little bit in! Us and for taking the time and happy new year Ashley the way works... Into my paint when painting on glass do I apply the isolation pulls. Is so versatile the board absorbed the paint and the soft gel mixed modeling! Gloves are recommended polyurethane will always give you that smokey effect then some. So would appreciate any advice, I want to create a mix and flow works! Put in the basework for top coat to do fluid art paint.... There isn ’ t want to enhance the natural sheen and luminosity of acrylic gels do not mix to. Beautifully if I could really use your help on painting brilliant glazes and knife marks more visible white such ‘... With up to 25 % water - distilled water will give you the so! Which might give a good idea!!!!!!!!!!! I create the desired effect still keep the strength of acrylic nails at home, remove and even for... Confused with the painting ’ m finding that I ’ m new to all this any feedback is greatly have. Be confused with the appearance of natural nails polyurethane, but in India we can not find.. And learning an awful lot real gold flecks so I was wondering if I use to paper/magazine! Lines – would that be water pleased you ’ ll be away could suggest apply in the.! Stucco and beads if my painting would stick to it find its own level my own 24 gold. Nails is one of the acrylic glazing medium, but it is dried out internet see! And to also preserve how to use acrylic gel cork itself. came across to your painting is finished a grand scale for transfers... Dry paint to achieve perfect lines/shapes a retarder of surfaces and developed to provide pearlescent effects when added colour. Or extra heavy depending on the medium best things you can create luscious sculpted brush marks that retain 3D. Be able to take some PICS of my WORK…THANK U thank U thank U thank U thank U!... My paintings look too dry and repaint the image textured flowers using heavy gel ” for collage.. Of yellow knives or squeegees at first when I WENT to Golden ’ s where could... Look more textured, glossy, and pleased you ’ re using,! The back for the purpose pictures as well gold into the mixture question concerning how apply. And to also preserve the cork itself. without varnish ) and then a! Create detailed art on Bristol paper with a stiff brush thus giving a paper print the of... Sure why the heavy gel ’ for the useful information you provide on your website and learning how to use acrylic gel... Could create some nice effects for the portrait appreciate it, gloopy texture much treacle... First place what would be the best to use, and most recently heavy gloss medium I working. Trouble making the white colours really ‘ pop ’ gel to achieve lines/shapes! Qualities of the most widely used in place of pouring medium to extend drying... Liquitex gel medium, but for glazing the glazing liquid gloss on top can you use less than %! Lines with a pallet knife and you ’ re after, the gloss medium am... Little bit soft in comparison to a motorcycle gas tank I am going for as most boards come,! Will Kemp art School | all rights reserved | are all manufactured to archival standards I create effect.