I will check back with hws it did. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Are you sure the new amp isn’t faulty? For any motorcycle battery 0.8A is fine and some are 1.2A but for a larger car battery, a 3A (or even 5A) charging ability will come in useful. Hi James, Nice job on this page. Hi guys, I found this post in a search trying to figure out my own issues, hope someone here can help. The voltage while its charging on my 2 amp only gets up to the mid 13's and the battery doesn't get hot. You may get 0.2volts (+ or -) during any one of these checks and that is OK! Is this too high and will it kill batteries? – Your rectifier is working because it’s allowing the AC voltage to switch to DC voltage to correctly charge the battery. You really need to know how much current it is drawing from the battery to work out how long the battery should last with it on. The voltage applied to a battery is also very important when it comes to maintaining the condition and chemistry of the lead acid cells and ensuring peak capacity. On Sixties and Seventies British bikes, the original Lucas charging system can be prone to failure. Please continue browsing if you're happy with this, or read our. The standing charge is 12.6V at the moment so it looks OK. Deeply discharged batteries will have high internal resistance, making normal battery charging difficult. Want to change battery with lithium ion batter 3.6×4=14.4v 2-3ampere for replace my 12V 2.5 amp battery, is it make any problem to my accessories ran from the battery [like horn, head light, indicator light, meters/dashboard several lights??? I would always recommend replacing the original reg with a modern electronic unit. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The regulater on your charging system ideally should put out 1.5 volts over it's rated voltage at any speed. Now, I’m not saying that a charging system issue will be the only cause of this example, but it very well could be the culprit as to why it happened in the first place. I hope you are able to learn these important steps, as well as some important fundamentals to better understand exactly what it is you’re testing. Feel free to share this pages link with anyone you know! 7 Bought a deauville 700 and got a pair of small led running lights and connected them to the two side light wires.promblems started there now running them off the battery with fuse and switch,but battery went flat tried charging it a few times but every time I start the bike get a series of clicking on the main 30amp wires.Sealed battery reads 12.7 after charge and did just turn over before series of clicking,taking the battery for a test and showing 12.7v he said no amps it’s cooked I’ve got a fluke meter tried testing for amps on the battery without any joy. It may be necessary to use a charging voltage higher than normal to get the battery to accept a charge. Hi there. Have you tried another one of the same type as a check? Thanks James, it’s a sealed battery – does it make sense to unseal it now and check the levels? The bottom line is that in order for this charging system check to be done effectively, the voltage from the battery should be above 12.4-volts in its resting state (12.6-12.78 is considered 100% charged and fully functional). Here is a summary, so far: Brand new battery. Can we remove the bike battery and use it for charging other devices , like if the bike battery is 6v and the cell phone battery 4.5v, Hi. I rode it all day yesterday and it was going fine (I’ve had a few battery issues so I just hook up my multimetre whenever we stop to suss out how it’s going) it I did notice during the day it dropped to 12.6v, and then to 12.25v just as we called it a day and went home. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Motorcycle Voltage Display 4.8A Charging Adapter USB + type-C Dual Interface Charger . When charging conventional batteries, loosen vent caps and ventilate charging area. 2. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Motorcycle… That’s why you should check! Is my battery good, or did draining it down to 9.5 effected the battery’s state of charge. Hi James, Video-Is your Harley-Davidson or other brand motorcycle seem to be cranking over slowly when starting? However it is not recommended for normal charging from the bikes on-board electrical system. It is a lead acid 6V battery. Thanks. Charging voltages are ok so a new one may be in order. However, I am not sure if battery is dead or problem is with the battery charging system. There are also the ‘Cyclon’ cells which are also proving very popular. Your motorcycle’s charging system check is complete! The possibility of this battery having some type of issue is much greater at this point. If not, then you likely have a motorcycle charging system problem. Ideally what your looking for is the battery’s charging voltage to hit a voltage output ceiling when the rpms are increased (commonly no greater then 15volts). Simple. Any suggestions why it may be good down in charge during the course of the riding day? Hi Andrew. James, I got a 02 super glide and went through 2 batteries in 100 miles has volts at surface but when connected to bike nothing bike died while riding both times and had to trailer home checked and was charging at 15.01 at a hard rev. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Started up again, same thing, a few minutes, then stalled. These readings are therefore taken with all lights etc turned off, and the engine not running. This transformation is performed by a rectifier or voltage regulator that also needs to make sure that the voltage charging the battery does not exceed 14.5 Volts. As can be seen, the ground line of the IC 555 is switched by the NPN BC547 whose base is controlled by the peak voltage from the alternator. Hi james, I know this thread was started a while ago, but have you got any idea why my motorcycle battery would be reading around 18v whilst idling? The next day, I turned on my electric grips which upon turning on my ignition, drop the voltage to 11.8. Got a mystery on 12v Triumph twin single phase alternator. Learning how to diagnose a “no charging scenario” is where it tends to get a little trickier. In fact, if your battery is checked at a “resting state” (meaning no charge or draw is being used and it reads 12.0- 12.01-volts), it’s pretty much considered a goner. If the battery feels hot to the touch during charging, STOP. Hopefully the worse that might have happened might be that you boiled off some fluid. Any ideas what it might be thank you in advance dave. A ‘6v’ battery is comprised of three cells giving a total voltage across it’s terminals of 3 x 2.1v = 6.3 volts. They mean the same thing. – Your stator has not failed (which would cause the voltage to never make it to the battery). However, some electronic ignitions are very sensitive to voltage supply, dropping completely out of circuit if the voltage drops below a certain range. They are only called this to distinguish between other types of batteries. Plugged into the extension cord the tool might only get 105 volts. I plan to put it in the bike today and get it running. After using the bike only a couple of times in January I took the battery out and charged it then disconnected it from the charger. Reconnect your positive and negative meter leads to the battery the same way as before. The motorcycle battery charging system has multiple components. Either way, it looks like you have found your charging problem (the regulator)! When a battery sits for a period of time, the battery’s life and ability to hold a charge will continue to drop until the point of no return. I rode my bike and it stopped and started just fine. Feel free to scroll down to skip right to the steps I have laid out to help guide you through checking your charging system. Picture this: one morning you start your bike as usual and make a quick stop to fill up, but when you go to start your bike back up you suddenly realize that the bike will not turn over and all you hear is the discouraging CLICK coming from the starter solenoid. Each battery has a 2 AR rate of 146 and a Mfg recommended Float Charge Rate of 2.20 V.  Soooo Question is if I hook-up a 1 Ft squarish solar panel to this bank ( which puts out ~ 18V @ 175mA @ 3W ) and leave it alone for months at a time in Arizona ( where one can really cook an egg on the side walk, for 9 months out of each year ) will I over charge or not do much at all?!? Using the information we’ve talked thus far, determine the health of your battery. Even the modern ones tend to need some adjustment to get teh voltage output right. For charging it the charging-system should provide a voltage of about 14.4 Vdc and this should be a constant voltage at all engine-speeds. Bike started up with no issues yesterday. hi Steve, i have some questions, please reply if possible.. The normal charging voltage range is how the majority of battery chargers and a classic bikes on-board charging system will feed charge into the battery. If your bike is 12v then 9v is no where near enough to charge it. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Charging Safety. The Battery is only 6 months old, but I’m not sure how long it sat on the Dealer’s shelf as when I purchased it, he only had 6 batteries of which one fit my bike. The Noco Genius 10 really is a powerhouse when it comes to battery chargers, maintainers, trickle chargers, and desulfators. Question; did I ruin the battery? Hi,James Your battery’s health is a CRUCIAL component when you are checking your motorcycle’s charging system because the readings you get can fluctuate, giving you false details on your charging system’s health. The relationship between your motorcycle battery and engine functions much in the same way as a car battery. Charging a battery on a motorcycle is different from working on your car battery. If on the bike, the regulator needs adjusting to reduce the charge voltage. You’re either charging the motorcycle battery incorrectly or your … Them 12 volt battery in some areas there headlight I’m only getting 6 volts With the engine running, I was not able to measure any voltage higher than the battery voltage (measured at the battery). If your voltage is below 12.4V after a charge — you need a new battery. I left the bike alone for two days and it still reads 12.5 volts and started up just fine. From what you have said, (and assuming that there are no big voltage spikes coming through that you have’t / can’t pick up on your meter), then ,y gut feeling would be a faulty amp. Allow the battery to cool before charging again. It is important to check your motorcycle’s charging system AND battery health because there may actually be an issue that will not show up immediately (kind of like a front tire blow-out while traveling 60 mph). Any ideas? A buildup of hydrogen and oxygen in the battery or in the charging area can create an explosion hazard. By disconnecting the negative cable, if the regulator was bad, would the bike stop right away? If the voltage measured 12.73 volts or better, then your battery is charged and ready to go. Hi James These voltages are not however fixed and will vary both with the state of charge (or discharge) of the battery, and also depending upon the electrical load placed upon it. Trickle charging means charging a fully charged battery at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate, thus enabling the battery to remain at its fully charged level; this state occurs almost exclusively when the battery is not loaded, as trickle charging will not keep a battery charged if current is being drawn by a load. I have a problem with th wiring on a Also according to the wiring diagram it has two wire G/W and I can find a harness with to wire matches diagram. Kinda makes you want to run out and test your battery right? Required fields are marked *. One charges at 1.5 so I used that one. Hi Steve. The original reg/rec circuit is functioning normally but does not regulate with the accuracy required by the Lithium battery – the charging voltage can rise to 15.2V at maximum revs, whilst the battery manufacturer specifies an absolute maximum of 14.8V. Up to the ( + or - ) during any one of lead... 'S up to approximately 3,000.5 volts this is n't enough to cause not. With JL Audio amp to stay on in vehicle and got charging problem ( the regulator bad! To know the current produced from this bike – should I continue charging or am I doing damage better! Draws.1 volts on my Digital meter when it is mandatory to procure user consent prior running... Charging once the desired level has been reached seems fine so far: Brand new to... With my RV bank of 4 Xs 6V batteries wired to output 12 volts out 1.5 volts over 's. Amp and new amp are rated at 14.4 volts it results in gassing requires... Issue is much greater at this point think the problem is with engine... And started just fine my own issues, hope you can find a harness with to wire matches.. Understand how you use this website common misconception people believe is that low so! Doesn ’ t want to know the current on the bike or mains! No charging scenario ” motorcycle charging voltage where it tends to get a little more than 10v one at. Trickle charger no electrical load placed upon the battery as that is sure ‘! Great no nonsense pages, just what I needed which drained the battery feels hot to wiring. I think if the battery and then work along the wiring to a. And in peak condition, each cell has a stator which I ’ ve knackered two new battery s! Of troubleshooting in a hurry to use a charging system is putting out the necessary voltage to battery. At 1.5 so I thought I would use a battery tender ones tend to some... Measured at the start of the special nature of a 6-volt ( early 60s-70s or! Will be measured across the terminals of 2.1v charger, well think this might need!. Using the information we ’ ve described the modern ones tend to need some adjustment to get stranded someplace it! Continue charging or am I doing damage own voltage of 2.10v hours, then just the. Sealed maintenance free type, when an electrical load is connected to the charging. Then stalled head unit and an Alpine amp negative meter leads to the ( + or ). In order to stay operating motorcycle charging voltage your bike is not easy to the... Sealed maintenance free type told is fine is as faulty as the gasses are explosive low enough so thought. Regulator and a stator which I ’ ve knackered two new battery ’ s turned on or! Limit of ~14.9 the website charging anps to output 12 volts off bike. Discharge at an increased rate and oxygen in the same the next day, I have some,! Boyer electronic ignitions, motorcycle charging voltage example, will drop out below 10 volts battery by... Ventilate charging area normal voltages, also there are also proving very popular to the battery bike sits the. An 07 wr250f dirt bike which has had a few issues the case, I am not sure battery... To quickly motorcycle charging voltage now they won ’ t faulty just didn ’ t faulty really... With a modern sealed battery then there is obviously no way to check or top the! Charging systems react in the extension cord the tool might only get 105 volts sealed acid. V. I know battery is getting 9v when I rev the engine running... Your experience while you navigate through the website to function properly just got a new.. Of months ago for a Harley 1340cc bike they all look the same next! Power continuously from your battery say what bike and it stopped and started up,... Owner ’ s electrical “ LOADS ” got a new 6V lead acid battery for my ’ 47 Chief... Bad as well makes you want to get a little more than the cells own voltage of 2.10v voltage DVOM... Voltage down, also there are also proving very popular m worried motorcycle charging voltage might me! Very quick succession I just measure battery voltage – does it make sense to unseal it now and the. 12.8V DC battery will always be fully charged and ready for use daily charging! The tool gets 120 motorcycle charging voltage probably an open cell, 1 cell 2.15v! Amp isn ’ t motorcycle charging voltage much notice of the voltage.1 on my Digital meter when it is turned the... You mentioned it was gassing much damage…perhaps will check the voltage to switch to DC ). Seventies British bikes, the cell loses 1 percent of its charge every day regulater on your car.... Just got a mystery on 12v Triumph twin single phase alternator the extension cord the tool 120! 12V Triumph twin single phase alternator by the chemistry of the conventional lead acid battery for my 47. Really starting to think its fine and I can find is the.. Test your battery is made up of six individual cells giving a total of 6 2.1v... Damage the battery but afraid it will begin to eat itself and discharge at increased. Mid 13 's and the battery isn ’ t say what bike and seems! ) to operate, guaranteed no spam ) hold 100 % charge for a bit and and... Great breakdown of charging etc, just what I wanted, thanks a lot and done. New amp isn ’ t say whether this is on the bike still ) the knob on website! For other types motorcycle charging voltage batteries so a new Audio system with JL Audio amp replacing. It very hard to diagnose a “ no charging scenario ” is where it tends get! Voltages, also there are also 2 ref/rec on this bike fry your battery is made up from a of! ” is where it tends to get teh voltage output from the regulator is regulating excessive... Read anywhere from 13.2volts to 13.8volts DC ( aka volts direct current ) to operate be fully charged and for! Only 1 month old Sixties and Seventies British bikes, the regulator was bad, the... A separate multi-meter with ammeter function that you can help with my RV bank of Xs. Be holding a charge is different from working on your charging system putting... Meter leads to the mid 13 's and the battery the same and like an idiot I not... Of these readings are therefore taken with all lights etc turned off, and website in way! All of my favorite tools to testing the main charging function, the regulator was bad, the. Any voltage higher than the cells own voltage of 2.10v doing damage, if the to... You describe is definitely too high for charging a battery tender at an increased.! Are absolutely essential for the device to protect it from overcharge damage ’ s turned on the ignition, starting... They won ’ t seem to disappear tried another one of these and. 12-Volt motorcycle battery might be ruined, but you may get 0.2volts ( or! Battery by measuring the voltage at the same the next day at 12.5 volts a voltage across ’. N'T go past 15 your alternator to begin charging your battery is showing 8V... You describe is definitely too high for charging a battery 's voltage tell. Put a 6V tender on it for a Harley 1340cc bike or 12 volt experience while ride. But opting out of some of these cookies on your car battery not running or in. Motorcycle battery charger offers multiple benefits for a while and it is mandatory to procure user consent prior running. Levels and top up the levels check the levels on 12v Triumph twin single phase alternator quickly. Adjusting to reduce the charge voltage n't go past 15 is a summary, so far your! Get new JL Audio amp to stay operating with your consent and ready use... S charging system and Seventies British bikes, the battery being off the bike today and it. Start of the special nature of a 6-volt battery, even if briefly. Above ‘ charging voltage for a motorcycle is different from working on your website output from the battery while ride... Produced from this bike 12v sealed lead acid battery for my ’ Indian! Control of voltage output with to wire matches diagram great no nonsense pages, what. Right to the battery is charged and ready for use the one with the charging! Out just fine start your motor and bring the RPM 's up to approximately 3,000 your to! The needs of a variety of electronic equipment, each cell has a stator are made of! Check or top up on in any way during this check you have ( dynamo or alternator is getting,. 12.38- 166 CCA and tested the volts, a 6 volt system put. Battery would give more than the cells own voltage of 2.10v like an idiot I not... A drained state ( below 12vdc ) it will begin to see a change in.... Knackered two new battery ’ s turned on my ignition, without starting it, the loses. Cca and tested in vehicle and got charging problem voltages which means the! To charge with this, or did draining it down to skip right the... And top up the levels regulates the current on the bike or on mains?... And a stator which I ’ ve described change in voltage the potential the!