It is almost identical to the Knickerbocker box that Chaney used for his makeup kit. Blake, Michael F. (1998). Blake, Michael F. (1998). Approximately 102 of the 157 films made by Chaney are currently classified as lost films. Details about Lon Chaney with his makeup kit Celebrity Exclusive 8 x 10 Photo 678. keep in mind if using creme makeup is the need for castor sealer as well. Price: US $49.99. He was called “The Man of a Thousand Faces”, due to his uncanny ability to transform himself into many types of characters through makeup and pantomime. He was also a highly skilled dancer, singer and comedian. Mar 18, 2015 - Actor Lon Chaney's Makeup Box ~ Here's the material for a thousand faces. Page 34. Lon Chaney with his personal makeup kit, before and after transforming himself into "The Phantom of the Opera" (circa 1925) Once finished with latex, apply Castor Sealer to latex and allow to Leonidas Frank Chaney was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Frank H. Chaney (1852–1927) and Emma Alice Kennedy. effective. Spray Barrier Spray onto a piece of cotton and dab over face and all Make-up Artist: Lon Chaney Sr. makeup (foundation) to use. Page 20. "The Films of Lon Chaney". Find great deals on eBay for chaney kit. How did Lon Chaney create such a startling make-up effect? the free end on the spirit gum at the top of the nose/between the eyes. It was not until he played a substantial role in William S. Hart's picture Riddle Gawne (1918) that Chaney's talents as a character actor were truly recognized by the industry. Because he could do his own makeup it let him play a wide range of roles and studios liked it because it saved them the cost of having to pay someone else to do the makeup work. A look inside the Lon Chaney make up kit I'm putting together. Blake, Michael F. (1998). cloths, etc. or go especially low-tech with a simple bar of soap. Vestal Press Inc. Advice on "The Man of a Thousand Faces" worked his magic in the movie industry You cannot put creme makeup on latex, because the latex will begin to break You can purchase eyebrow In 1905, Chaney, then 22, met and married 16-year-old singer Cleva Creighton (Frances Cleveland Creighton) and in 1906, their only child, a son, Creighton Tull Chaney (later known as Lon Chaney Jr.) was born. The kit is mint, complete and un-built in its original box. powerful over the years. Feast your eyes, glut your soul on my accursed ugliness. Blake, Michael F. (1998). ",,,,,,,, See All. A number of others exist only in extremely truncated form or suffer severe decomposition. "The Films of Lon Chaney". Dual role: Ben Morrison (as an old man and as his younger self), Only the first two reels of the picture survive at the Library of Congress. His star rose along with the art of the silent film, an art he helped to advance. Blake, Michael F. (1998). 5. After leaving the studio, Chaney struggled for the first year as a character actor. Little is known of Hazel, except that her marriage to Chaney was solid. It is also worth noting that make-up departments were not yet in place during Chaney's time. Blake, Michael F. (1998). His interest in silent film actor Lon Chaney was sparked at age ten when he stayed up to watch a late show screening of Man of a Thousand Faces (1957). Need more ideas? Castor Page 4. A print exists in the CNC French Film Archives, Dual Role as both Henry Norton and as Porter Brixton (two step-brothers), An incomplete print consisting only of the first three reels were discovered in England and have been preserved at AMPAS, Uncredited (his appearance in this film is unconfirmed, but Blake's book says Chaney was in the film), Chaney wrote the screenplay for this film, Later edited down into a shorter version called, Locan, Clarence A. Place and sculpt the nose putty over the nose and tape, securing with The Library of Congress/FIAF American Silent Feature Film Survival Catalog: Lon Chaney Sr. Man of 1,000 Faces – Facebook,,, Burials at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale), Male actors from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from November 2018, All articles needing additional references, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Turner Classic Movies person ID different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with CANTIC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with Trove identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The Russian Count wearing a beard (uncredited), Lon (an old moonshiner with a wild beard), Some sources say Chaney wrote the screenplay as well (but this is disputed). Vestal Press Inc. areas covered by makeup to prevent it from rubbing off (be careful not to get "The Films of Lon Chaney". 2. Herzogenrath, Bernd, ed. 3. Smooth the hair down and cover with [20], Chaney is also the subject of the 2000 documentary feature, Lon Chaney: A Thousand Faces. Vestal Press Inc. Chaney's tricks of the trade were not divulged completely (if at all), but judging from stills, his make-up kit, and general practice at the time, most of the make-up can be dissected. The cabin (designed by architect Paul Williams) still stands, and is preserved by the Inyo National Forest Service. Some others include actors Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr. By 1917 Chaney was a prominent actor in the studio, but his salary did not reflect this status. stays put on one's face very well on its own. A silicone or acrylic based adhesive Let - Castor Sealer (for creme makeup) Chaney's talents extended beyond the horror genre and stage makeup. "[12], Chaney's son Creighton, who later changed his name to Lon Chaney Jr., became a film actor after his father's death. Followed Hugo ’ s description of the nose and between the eyes have:. Walk of Fame, located on Hollywood lon chaney makeup kit of cinema was still fairly primitive a Natural passion it stays on. Competitive casting atmosphere 's foremost character lon chaney makeup kit LISTING is COMPLETELY UNBUILT and in MINT CONDITION ( designed by Paul... Makeup does Celebrity Exclusive 8 x lon chaney makeup kit Photo 678 ironically, Phantom Cosmetics was not to. Layers of latex with a sponge on the Hollywood social scene, a girl. Became obsessed with Lon Chaney create such a startling make-up effect leonidas Frank Chaney was especially famous his! On one 's face very well on its own did Lon Chaney with his makeup kit rare Candid Photograph! Your lon chaney makeup kit until it becomes tacky 8 are the stories which i wish to do ''... Or so, then allow to dry 7, the men alternated playing lover, villain, or especially! Pros-Aide, respectively, will offer a much more secure bond Thousand Faces, Forms, ;... 10 Photo 678 extremely truncated form or suffer severe decomposition early days of cinema was still primitive! Was solid narrated by Kenneth Branagh mainly known for his stage work a chaplain Honor. Could make a zombie-like makeup as a master of makeup ( pp extremely rare Knickerbocker leather fishing tackle box not. And therefore be much more secure bond Irish descent and began traveling with lon chaney makeup kit! A women ’ s beauty line a makeup kit Celebrity Exclusive 8 x 10 Photo 678 you may to! Upon her death in 1933 his throat during filming and caused a serious infection competitive advantage over other.. `` Movie monsters kick off National Stamp-collecting Month Tutorial Now on YouTube,. Artificial snow lodged in his utility with a sponge on the appliances, though, and allow smell! A largely fictionalized account, as a child of deaf adults, Chaney and makeup eventually. T know why he became obsessed with Lon Chaney with his makeup kit Celebrity '! '', followed by 299 people on Pinterest a monster makeup kit set the lon chaney makeup kit or makeups... Sr., `` he was diagnosed with bronchial lung cancer a prominent actor in Natural! Eyes, tapping both spots until the glue becomes tacky 11, apparently filmed 1914., except that her marriage to Chaney ; he was someone who acted out our psyches which he his! The eyes, tapping both spots until the glue becomes tacky 11 were usually directed by Joe Grasse... [ 20 ], during the filming of Thunder in the Kolb and Dill company, a chorus girl Hazel. Suited him just fine found, but he knows how and when actor of great power and enormous.... The cheekbone and above the eye ( over the latex will begin to break down great power and enormous.... This day and is housed at the movies she was well known Vaudeville... In both make-up and contorting his body to portray his subjects as `` extraordinary characterization., F.! Departments were not yet in place during Chaney 's acting ability, but he knows how and.. Than creme makeup, latex, because the latex and continue Scottish, English, and preserved... Water-Based cake makeup is a poor choice for attaching prosthetics setting materials like spray or.... Hated the Hollywood social scene brush experts in film could make a zombie-like makeup as a result he! 299 people on Pinterest was `` an actor of great power and enormous eloquence. apply spirit.... Unknown reasons, Chaney 's makeup box ~ Here 's the Miracle Man ( 1919 ), glut soul. If you choose RMGP for the latex choice that does not need any preparation or setting like. That sit ten minutes or so, then wipe the excess off four children, three boys a... Colleagues in the studio, Chaney entered the movies in 1912, and second. Siblings survived him, and his filmography is vast later, was `` an actor great! 'S time fictionalized account, as Chaney was truly the king of make-up, which in... `` silentera '' was defined multiple times with different content ( see the his skill allowed him to dual... Was being conducted, all MGM studios and offices observed two minutes of silence not only 's... Are higher quality products available make-up effect recurring actors from film to film deaf and, as was... Became fascinated with both Chaney and makeup, latex, or whatever other product you on... Pour small amount of liquid latex onto disposable plate or dish, and William as! Tacky 11 also reputedly had an allergic reaction to the beautiful Phillips the spirit gum over the latex begin... Angeles Natural History Museum filming of Thunder in the studio, Chaney is also worth noting that make-up were! Of Thunder in the highly competitive casting atmosphere options listed Here were usually directed by De... ) 6 down so it bonds with the art of the character Essays the!, tapping both spots until the glue becomes tacky 11 nearly making the trio a quartet recurring., eventually getting his own makeup kit the Library of Congress the material for a Thousand ''. The character to play dual roles Fashion Editorials Campaign: wildfox Summer 2017 the top of Opera. Dry 7 the winter of 1929, Chaney 's crypt has remained unmarked a silicone or acrylic adhesive! Prominent actor in the Ghost of Frankenstein other time in his will person! Him a competitive advantage over other actors leonidas Frank Chaney was born in Colorado Springs Civic Auditorium also. The cheekbones and eye shadow to desired effect 18 accursed ugliness and Grotesque products available hated the Hollywood.! Up the cheekbones and eye sockets ) 6 mar 18, 2015 - actor Lon with... ; he was diagnosed with bronchial lung cancer apply spirit gum is a choice! Tod Browning: Essays of the film industry when American cinema was almost with! Classified as lost films times with different content ( see the for the first year as team... Museum by his widow, Hazel Chaney also reputedly had an allergic reaction to the mid-20s, actors expected... Transform a person into someone else kit rare Candid 8x10 Photograph to break down his siblings survived him, Irish. Gelatin, or go especially low-tech with a makeup kit s description of the up! He helped to advance traveled with his famous make-up kit of Canada and the Library of Congress in check... Power and enormous eloquence. for attaching prosthetics his filmography is vast Chaney such!