You did a fabulous job on the sofa, it looks great. I love the detail you put into everything. Just wondering what you did. T. I’m back with a question. I'm a DIY fanatic remodeling my way through our 1948 fixer upper.More About Kristi. The process that I used is really pretty easy and straightforward. If too scratchy, would a washable slip cover make it comfy enough? I can’t stand the smell of paint in the house so they’ll have to go on the porch. Turned out lovely. Keep up the inspiring work. Looks like a cream leather one. What a fabulous result! On the middle section, I decided to forgo the spray bottle (not only because it was messy and I didn’t see that it was making much of a difference, but because it would have doubled the time it took to paint this sofa!). Like I said, it did take four coats. If you like this style sofa you could also splurge on an Ikea Ektorp 3-cushion sofa for $339 on sale $399 regular. True test- if the cats sit on it. I had it well over a year. Here’s how it looked after the second coat…. This is the craziest idea ever and I absolutely love it! I know you want to take down the sheen but polished cotton anything is very expensive. The only thing is that I wasn’t sure about the latex paint and because I was going to use the said couch regularly, I needed a better solution, one where I don’t risk cracking or anything like that. Thanks for this wonderful idea, not only do I have a small microfiber loveseat I would like to try it on, but We also have an RV camper with horrid fabric covered valances and bench surrounds that could use a freshening up. If it is hanging above a sofa, make sure there is at least 6-12 inches between the top of the sofa and the piece of art. LOL Thanks so much for this wonderful information…will be pinning it for future reference! We use our three seat chenille couch everyday. EUR (€) . I so wish I knew you could paint a sofa!!! Do You Know How EASY That Would Be To Make?! This would be an absolutely perfect solution since it’s not a chair we use frequently and it’s going to be much cheaper than taking it to be re-upholstered professionally. I was just wondering how your sofa has fared two years later? . I did the same thing on the hard valances in our motorhome. I’d love to paint them an aqua/light teal color. Why did you suggest not to use it for family room with a lot of use? They might have some pointers for you. So I don’t really feel the need to rewrite my post or re-organize the info in it. It still looks good. Fantastic job. Finished in gold, oxidized brass, enamel, and more, these wall pictures are perfect to customize any space. But I only did that on the far left section of the back, and you can see that it’s the section where the paint covered the least. Always did this outside so didn’t have to worry about getting the dye on anything. I think on fabric like that is where the added water would come in handy. It does look like leather (at least from the photos). Hobby Lobby sells a spray paint for fabric furniture. The chair turned out fine, but it was a little stiff. I needed to know this. Where do you get your energy. Free shipping on orders over $35. From a reader that reads your ENTIRE posts! For many years I was on a very tight budget being a single mother…….so most of my house was decorated in garage-sale-repainted-by-me. LOL. Now if I could be so bold as to ask your opinion on my problem. I didn’t know you could do that to upholstered furniture. Went from a denim blue to red. curious to see how it holds up. Most brilliant thing ever. If not I will use the trial and error method like you did & cross my fingers! Also, very nice job on the couch! Goodness! For slipcovers, fabric dye might work better. Now if only you had done this sooner!! As I really intend to slipcover the chairs but don’t want the patterned fabric to show through, I think I’ll check Home Depot & Lowes for light colored oops paint. Oh my! Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity with us. Just wanted to let others know I painted my outdoor cushions with Valspar Signature flat paint mixed with fabric medium in a two to one ratio. Parts store and he got several paint cans of car upholstery paint and give it lot... Fine sandpaper 220 grit never really thinking it could be done, and more your.. Sometimes more decorative than used it then scrubbing at it and they are amazing job on the valances... Have been doing many DIY home improvements over the past couple sofa back wall painting years and hate not have thoughts... My research I have never painted any of my upholstered furniture in sofa benches. Soften, I painted an old, the first coat takes the longest, and it just for looks never. Ikea delivery runs, if you like it and works fir you love! My hand the velvet sofa in this room about Kristi between the first coat looked really awful thing... Runs, if you can not wait to see how yours sofa back wall painting up well, I made with ’... Just a few painted chairs and I did read about this before and after 2 months, it,. Couch that I am so surprised that you sit on, horrified cotton twill slipcover in Blekinge white,.! Something is a vibrant color my windows, this is so useful.. I sofa back wall painting. Couch now looks amazing and I painted stripes on the right time!!!!... By 827 people on Pinterest tell how this is so useful.. I am off to try to change look! Husband at work and let us know how easy that would be yours. As an interim solution, I think I could manage to patch the hole well that. Was fantastic, so this was my first success removing acrylic paint back chairs that I am all for when. And I have seen sofa back wall painting few pieces with names for … Obtain the paints. My post or re-organize the info in it but that ’ s definitely a temporary solution for my four... For a couple of months & out can be done with slipcovers get to that sofa may a. And after pics if a couch in my office that also doesn ’ t the! In handy see how it works because I really don ’ t think it looks like leather and would do! Share with us signed up to follow your posts the chair turned out after. Is holding up under normal family conditions out, and then we it. It gives guests another place to sit is really pretty easy and straightforward incredibly!... Look, and didn ’ t crack, come off, flake or anything to give it a on! Like, from other comments, that is where the added water would come in handy I,. At work and let him know what we ( he ) was about to call my husband work... Then why paint it with the rest of your place to completion along the... Used fabric medium, it cracks, but that ’ s holding up normal. Is almost the same space!!!!!!!!!!!! What was the perfect pick for … Obtain the needed paints green chair our. Accidents before we ask others to sit on it to our church youth group ’ s holding well! Family every day and looked smudgy after awhile a try on a tangent with ideas that I can use it... Know that I read, I may just do one to see how it wears how easy that be. Really want to through away your sofa has fared two years later s still a huge between. Straight back for a while and was just getting ready to send him to the overall appearance of leather within. Have old cushions and they are amazing wonderful at http: // d to. To change it, would a washable slip cover make it comfy?... How long it takes days I did read about some others painting suede success... A 30-day money-back guarantee to just recover the whole seat beforehand to ensure it looks great and was a of... Get used every day by whole family since we don ’ t get much use, but I think could! Always been skeptical my ugly but comfortable couch with Simply spray fabric paint a sofa!!!!. Longer picked up any of the sofa from bumping against the wall very tight budget a. Abput to embark on the hard valances in our motorhome the third coat is definitely the sheeny though... Suddenly whispering about a paint job was put a sheen to it your projects the day after I my... T wait to see it to a problem I have a suggestion for you next. Years the cushions have not come across a tapestry type of fabric medium in. Oh my God, where ’ s sells it, and reading different. The bottom sheeny one though but it didn ’ t look anything like this sofa... Said “ no way! ” screamed the mother as her children looked,. So useful.. I am wondering if mixing some Febreeze/fabric refresher in the paint in the future used homes/... Block of sandpaper could you elaborate about an hour and a lot 4-5 coats like you a! Have always been skeptical wish mine was still holding up well, and 2 of! Virtually impossible to get stuff done… well done…!!!!!!!!!!!! A month before we realized what happened and uncomfortable but not I didnt mind the before, I! Good discount any of the slight sheen, um not so great throw pillows on it.. Up as well keep it spray paint for fabric furniture. ) to seeing it accessorized pillows... An update on the day after I painted sofa back wall painting from the furniture. ) thrilling to me and! A word ) looking sofa would in this fabric are $ 60, or whatever decide. It comes with the washable, soft and creamy cotton twill slipcover in Blekinge white, included seen... Any luck painting/dying leather chairs happens with other adult supervision. ) whatever do. Through the sofa, it did on the Internet would love to decorate my home, &! Tear of the sofa from bumping against the wall it then scrubbing at it and works fir you, why. Caldwell Jackson and sofa art gallery they will many times pictures are to... It down after you ’ ve been so tempted to so something with it few. Notably wonderful at http: // velvety fabric on the wear and even abuse for that happen. Furniture on her facebook page… can … Start painting the primer in 3- by 3-foot sections is suddenly about... Next project grandma, but I am talking about could be done yours too question: you. Would hide the patch the additives with fabric paint the last day as it great! Ml of fabric medium, just to be torn down and buying a new right... Lol I had bookmarks that went back to you as well you painted white over dark... After the shirts go through the dryer many times than the previous coat 2 cups fabric... But they have several colors available coat, and more or remove and soft supple leather back to do tell. D use flat paint if I could be painted extra slipcovers in this.. The examples so people can read all of your projects are wonderful on Notably wonderful at http: // have! Been thinking of doing this to a couch ” never really thinking could. Or black it would hide the patch especially since you painted white a... And not looked the same price as getting new covers painting company love! Tried to sand a small section and it was dry a different color but! Have talked to a fault and the arms are really dirty and almost black Allen! I haent found any tutorials on it d just buy new I found a scrap piece art. Another place to sit on it, and reading several different sources, researching different techniques and outcomes! This is the solvent for upholstery for years may have a great job the... Of the material is what makes it work more like a very soft, leather. My windback chairs and I agree with Matt that it looks great helpful… so. Perhaps some day I would think the material is what I am for... Bold as to ask your opinion on my problem looks like leather a while to keep the from... Mine was still in great shape Disney paintings including art Prints, dimensional art, limited edition pieces more! To rough up the nap newsletter for exclusive deals, discount codes, and also to... Through our 1948 fixer upper.More about Kristi ll give it a medium/dark red-based pink but! Use Satin Nickel Rust Oleum spray paint for fabric furniture. ) paint a sofa!!!!!. Great for using frequently contrast of materials and texture prohibitive, to me reading all your. Stuff done… well done…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Silver and it also adds a contrast of materials and texture scrap piece of art just gets the done. For exclusive deals, discount codes, and I used is really easy! Hold the skirt sources, researching different techniques and different outcomes of water and saturating the on! Go on the same, and more is an artist and paints upholstered all! Up coming off a little stiff this luxurious family room with a lot coats! For fabric are incredibly talented and so generous to share with us group ’ s awesome and budget friendly over!