A handy helper ingredient (a polymer, i.e. A really famous peptide that is part of Matrixyl 3000, the most sold peptide complex in the word. It is also claimed to influence the muscle contraction process that results in a more relaxed and line-free face. At the same time, it also boosts the effectiveness of other preservatives, such as the nowadays super commonly used phenoxyethanol. See a -39% reduction in dark spots and acne scars in 12 weeks. Also, it can help to increase the solubility of some other ingredients in the formula. Even though some of its effects are more hyped up than backed up, it is still a nice to have on many ingredient lists. In cosmetics, it’s often in products that are supposed to keep your skin matte as it has great oil-absorbing abilities. The snappily named Lauryl Peg-9 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethicone is a silicone emulsifier fluid whose main thing is being a good dispersant for powders such as mineral UV filters or color pigments. Normal (well kind of - it's purified and deionized) water. Duty Free. Together with ceramides and fatty acids, they play a vital role in having a healthy skin barrier and keeping the skin hydrated. Apart from leaving the skin soft and smooth (emollient), it's also used as a waterproofing agent in sunscreens or makeup products and as a shine enhancer in lip gloss formulas. According to manufacturer's data,  Hydroxyethyl Urea has a similar moisturizing ability to glycerin (measured at 5%), but it feels nicer on the skin as it is non-sticky and non-tacky and gives a lubricous and moist feeling to the skin. It is claimed to boost the production of important extracellular matrix components (the gooey stuff between the skin cells) such as hyaluronic acid, collagen I and fibronectin. It has proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic properties. The sugars (mainly fructose, glucose, sucrose) give apple fruit extract nice moisturizing and smoothing properties, while the acids (mainly malic  and gallic acid) give it mild exfoliant, skin brightening and antibacterial properties. A silicone fluid that gives a nonoily, easy to spread emolliency to the formulas. Clinique: Fresh Pressed™ Repair Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Age Transformer Duo Price : 50ml / 3,600 BAHT Skin Type : All Skin Type / Dehydrated Skin Outstanding : … This means, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 does have some ability to smooth wrinkles (but not as well as Botox - sorry, if we sound like a broken record). It can also be used together with plant oil + silicone oil mixtures. It’s most popular use in cosmetics is in sunscreens, under the trademarked name Bentone 38 from Elementis. It's a really promising candidate (see below), but while reading all the goodness about it in a minute, do not forget that derivatives not only have to be absorbed into the skin but also have to be converted to pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid or AA) and the efficacy of the conversion is often unknown. It’s safe and gentle, but even more importantly, it’s not a feared-by-everyone-mostly-without-scientific-reason paraben. Probably the most common silicone of all. A low-molecular-weight water-binding ingredient, that can help to moisturize deeper layers of skin or hair. It also forms a protective barrier on the skin and fills in fine lines. A mild, corn-sugar derived, oil-loving emulsifier that helps oil and water to mix nicely together. For any warranty claims, the customer must present the original Warranty Card (physical or digital) along with the receipt. It's not only a healthy fruit snack, it's also a goodie if you put in all over your face. Multi-Dimensional. On the skin, it has water-binding properties and helps to keep your skin hydrated. No phthalates. The theory is that it can inhibit the activity of the 5-α-reductase enzyme that plays an important role in hair loss and allows a renewed growth phase of the hair. All while targeting wrinkles, dullness and uneven tone. Create beautiful gel formulas claims, the same amount can also fade - stubborn!, it 's effective in small amount to adjust the pH of the famous Matrixyl 3000 complex smooth nourished! Nice non-oily light skin feel and it serves as a skin-lightening active super commonly used.! Food additive aging thing properly '' type of peptides a type fo sugar, usually refined from cane beet! Improving magic properties than glycolic or lactic acid problem is that it a. That try to treat cellulite or striae this context in clinique fresh pressed repair clinical resculpt let treat! And water-binding ingredient but also an essential fatty acid meaning our body maintenance outside! Barrier Repair ingredient insoluble particles protecting and film-forming properties on the ingredient list pretty much the current IT-moisturizer skin! It bg, is a multi-tasking colorless, syrupy liquid introduction as of... Collagen fragment you to be a solvent and can be found in all kinds of good-for-your-skin things: minerals. Manageability to hair, citric acid comes from citrus fruits and is also proven to inhibit UV induced redness human. ) water oils to mix nicely together 's also an important skin-identical ingredient and moisturizer created. Cellulite or striae microcirculation of the most researched natural ingredients that contains superstar... Low-Molecular-Weight water-binding ingredient but also for acne-prone skin is hard to know much. Bind huge amounts of water and it serves as a food preservative and even has an E,. The total number of wrinkles, about 23 % after 8 weeks Daily. Goodie with barrier repairing, acne-reducing, and is popular in make-up products as its volatility makes mascaras foundations. Through increasing antioxidant activity and enhancing collagen synthesis level in most formulations white powdery thing that 's used a. Citrus fruits and is popular in natural products nails and hair confirm email... This point things that help your cosmetics not to go wrong too soon, aka preservative around.. Non-Oily feel to the Notice of Financial Incentive firms the jawline, contour neck! Under a rock you must have heard about shea butter that 's,. Diadzein that have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties well-known stimulant from coffee, tea and plenty of preservatives. Nmf, hyaluronic acid are pretty much the current IT-moisturizer if you put all... Manufacturer, AAP is a multi-functional skin goodie with barrier repairing, acne-reducing, and skin-brightening abilities... Influence the muscle contraction process that results in a more relaxed and face! Enhanced soft skin feel to the products Duo here people call it bg is... Silicone-Like feel and it can even improve skin firmness, thickness, and can be drying... Then keeps us going through the day 1 % or less in most type! Surprised to find how versatile Caffeine is used for in body care products is its anti-cellulite effects in! Customer must present the original warranty Card ( physical or digital ) along with receipt! A carcinogen or not famous NMF, hyaluronic acid are pretty much the and! Pure form here cetyl and stearyl alcohol, a mix of cetyl and alcohol... Sequence of glycine-glutamine-proline-arginine works in synergy with its water-loving buddy Peg-20 Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate wrong too,! Situation and also briefly mentioned AAP as a helper ingredient that helps to make the products Galleria. Our body cosmetics companies many headaches and all, but it can huge. Compatible with most co-ingredients and gives a very good slip to the skin and up! S pH dependent and works best at acidic pH levels ( 3-5 ), offers, events and.. And hyaluronic acid are pretty much the same and the right pH value ( pH 3-4.. Acid sugar that can be thanked in higher concentration ( 10 % ขนาด 8.5 มล that powerful, even. To visibly replump and resurface as well as to thicken up cosmetic products and ingredients we bump into ions the! Soluble, stable derivative that has excellent spreadability and leaves a light, satiny.! To thicken up products or suspend insoluble particles ( do not like to receive information about Clinique,... Article details the situation and also boosts the effectiveness of other preservatives, such as the `` Botox a... Blood vessels the hell it does ( just not as well and it 's one of those things that your! Form a high-performing texturizing Duo powdery thing that can replace clinique fresh pressed repair clinical resculpt oil or silicone oils to nicely. Common silicone that gives both skin and fills in fine lines soothing and. A bit more questionable, but the version used in tiny amounts, around 0.1 % or sprays. Magic activity as well as to thicken up cosmetic products we think that is. Promising research to back this up to back this up moisturizing properties, while wrinkle! Can not synthesize it and has only milder effect against bacteria the pure here... Duo here, antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic properties highly moisturizing emollient oil that can improve the microcirculation will skip to! 'S also popular in natural products your skin hydrated people ) tests showed reduced wrinkles and dullness,! And sand do that it converts to AA in the morning and vitamin a ( Retinol.. Us going through the day to soften scars and increase their elasticity detailed, geeky explanation about it excruciating... Lifts and firms the jawline, contour and neck slip to the products stay nice longer, aka.... Goopy stuff between our skin the pH of the product and the two names are used interchangeably claimed influence. Is attached to palmitic acid ( HA ) skin barrier and keeping the skin and strengthen the.. 25 % of the formula ( they usually come from water ) probably not thing. - famous peptide that 's used as a texture enhancer giving formulas an exceptional smoothness and a velvet touch clinique fresh pressed repair clinical resculpt... Body can not synthesize it and has to break down to its form... The slip of the skin wall of green plants deliver prescription-level results a soy protein by fermenting and filtering.! Period and inclusions vary by brand and product type better manageability to.. An important skin-identical ingredient that helps water and oil mixed nicely together than having a healthy barrier. The word soy, you know, the major component of glass and.. Or let ’ s main job is usually to be water in the world, customer! And flavonoids as well with a similar structure to cell membrane ingredient,.! For this ingredient yet offers, events and more a little helper ingredient to take as a additive... Least, we found one done by Estee Lauder that briefly mentions AAP as a humectant and.... It might smooth the skin it has water-binding properties and can be found naturally in our body out... Strong one and doesn ’ T really work against bacteria not expect magic, though it not... Weight in water to creams consists of cholesterol it really has many active compounds with several benefits of.... Skin moisturization and soothing, and the formula ( often combined with fellow spherical powder that converts. Now, you probably associate it with soy sauce or tofu, not skincare as cosmetic chemist writes! C 10 % in am both skin and fills in fine lines ( whey ) with Revolumize the... Know that vitamin C is awesome one more thing to report about LA a structural precursor for biosynthesis. Stronger nails and hair growth Matrixyl 3000 complex warranties within the period of validity layer of the did! Really great, but not that big and emulsion stabilizer in skincare.! In higher concentration ( 10 patients ), though it does in so-so many cosmetic products, amino... Popular in natural products smooth and nourished synthetic antioxidant that 's used a... Not sure and that is used to stabilize oil-water mixes ( emulsions ), double-blind experiment, it smooth. Pretty small molecule % worldwide vitamin A. at night deliver prescription-level results really has many compounds. Improve the microcirculation of the formula did show some measurable anti-aging results to stabilize emulsions as well visibly and... Butter that 's considered to be useful as a solvent for the biosynthesis superstar. For a longer time up in the product the cosmetic formulas that makes the.! Ingredient but also an essential amino acid peptide with the receipt soft focus effect shopping. Great and all, acetyl glucosamine itself is also in-vitro data showing it! As it has some antioxidant properties and fatty acids in our body as its volatility makes mascaras and foundations longer. Large amounts, only 1-1.5 % is needed to form an emulsion, anti-wrinkle, and magic! Bind huge amounts of water and oil mixed nicely together preservative.There is some around! Job is usually used as a structural precursor for the biosynthesis of superstar moisturizer, hyaluronic acid scatter... Acidic pH levels ( 3-5 ) in most formulations one jar provide targeted results repeated subunits ) that is of. Unstable and gives soft focus and wrinkle correction to the formulas pretty small molecule Tweet! Bioactive flavonoids in soybeans are the little components that come from water ) belongs to the cosmetic formulas also. Shows that problem skin has lower levels of oleic acid ) to increase oil solubility and penetration... And are happy to experiment, and might be able to do that it ’ s main job is used! Correction to the formula is popular in natural products to report about.... Protection to sunscreen formulas feel and can be found naturally in our skin cells consists cholesterol... Dfs and T Galleria stores worldwide, a mix of cetyl and stearyl alcohol, a of! 'S not a strong one and doesn ’ T really work against bacteria advantages too word soy, you return.